Liberalism Wrong's Not RightThis song speaks to a primary mindset of liberals-to lie. Click the Music Icon to hear Bill Clinton and Steve Vaus together, on Steve's latest hit song Wrong's Not RightCheck out Steve'sWebSite To Listen to the above Sound Clip, you will need But What About the Faith? Catholicism and Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century SpainPatrick Foley.A retrospective look at the Carlist movement and its contributions to the battle for the soul of Spain in the tidal wake of the French Revolution. This article grew out of the session on Church and State in Spanish History and Thought in the Last Century at the sixty-seventh annual meeting of the Southwestern Social Science Association, held in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the spring of 1989. This article was taken from the Winter 1990 issue of Faith & Reason. The Dewey Legend in American EducationThird of three essays by Fr. Hardon analyzing John Dewey and his influence on American education. Discusses issues like play-complex, sex education, scientific method, connection with educational liberalism and American social problems. English Catholicism & Victorian LiberalismThis article by Christopher Dawson originally appeared in The Tablet (London) in 1950, it has been reprinted in the Fall, 1993 issue of The Dawson Newsletter Hard Truths About the Culture WarRobert Bork Wherever one looks, the traditional virtues of this culture are being lost, its vices multiplied, its values degraded-in short, the culture itself is unraveling. This article appeared in the June/July 1995 issue of First Things. Is America Liberal?Michael Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz discusses the Church's condemnation of liberalism, what liberalism means in the American context and how the real experience of Americans is considerably closer to the ideal envisioned in Catholic social teaching than it is to the mechanical diagrams of liberal ideology, in its nineteenth or its twentieth century formulation. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of Faith & Reason Liberalism and TheologyFr. Stanley L. JakiFr. Jaki maintains that liberalism must carry the chief responsibility for the strain which has heavily sapped the strength of the Church since Vatican II. This article was taken from the Winter 1994 issue of Faith & Reason. Liberalism, Democratic Capitalism, and the Catholic Human Rights RevolutionBy Kenneth L. Grasso.In his writings on Centesimus Annus, Michael Novak has stressed the impact of the American experiment in ordered liberty on both the teaching of the encyclical and the broader development of Catholic social doctrine of which it is a part. To adequately understand just what these lessons are, we must first situate Centesimus Annus in its proper historical context. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of Faith & Reason Liberalism is a Sin(published by Tan as What is Liberalism) by Father Felix Sarda y Salvany Mirari VosOn Liberalism & IndifferentismPope Gregory XVIEncyclical of 15 Aug 1832. Gregory condemns mistaken notions of modern times such as disregard for Church discipline, rejection of papal authority, clerical celibacy, and marriage, indifferentism, freedom of conscience, freedom of the press. He also speaks of the divine origin of all authority. The Problem With LiberalismBy J. BudziszewskiThis essay contends that political liberalism is deeply flawed, a bundle of acute moral errors. This article appeared in the March 1996 issue of First Things. Religious Freedom, Truth, and American Liberalism: Another Look at John Courtney MurrayBy David L. SchindlerLiberalism invites us to dialogue within the open and pluralistic market of religions, all the while that it has already, hiddenly, filled the terms of that dialogue with a liberal theory of religion. The Syllabus of ErrorsIssued by Pope Pius IX in 1864 simultaneously with the Encyclical Quanta Cura. Covers errors of Pantheism, Naturalism, Indifferentism, Latitudinarianism, Socialism, Communism, also errors concerning civil society, the Church, natural and Christian ethics, Christian marriage, the Pope's civil power and modern Liberalism. Updated: November 19, 2000

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