Suzan Hebson, Assist. Superintendent

Suzan Hebson, Assistant Superintendent of the Highland Park, Illinois School District is inducted in our Hall of Shame for her abuse of power in promoting perversion. In addition to the decision Miss Hebson made to cancel a trip to Arizona of the girls basketball team, Fox News has uncovered some very disturbing decisions by this woman: 1) Miss Hebson began freshman advisory class that was required for ninth graders where upperclassmen spoke about a topics and their personal experiences as homosexual teens. The ninth graders were required to sign confidentiality agreements swearing never to disclose what they heard — even to their parents. 2) This same Miss Hebson included the perverted and blasphemous play Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. The play includes highly offensive racial slurs, vivid depictions of gay sex and a sexually explicit scene involving Mother Teresa. Read more at Fox News>>>

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