Laura Schlessinger (Dr. Laura)

Laura Schlessinger is inducted into our Hall of Shame for her erroneous and damaging advice about forgiveness. Schlessinger told a caller that she did not have to forgive her abuser if the abuser did not repent and ask for forgiveness. Schlessinger is Jewish, not Christian, but she is a counselor and should know better. Unfortunately, even some Catholics have this erroneous notion that we do not have to forgive those who do not ask for it. That is not what Jesus said. Jesus said, in the example of prayer that we call the Our Father, or the Lord’s Prayer, that we are forgiven as we forgive others. In addition, from both psychological and spiritual perspectives, we need to forgive in order to move on. To be healthy psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually we must forgive. Schlessinger is just plain wrong. Often people find it hard to forgive because they do not know what forgiveness is. Apparently, Schlessinger does not know the meaning either. We suggest that the following pamphlet be read: Dealing with Bitterness and Unforgiveness.

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