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Hall Shame

Stanford Who's Who, Inc.

by Catherine Frakas 25 May 2012

Stanford Who’s Who, Inc., also known as Stanford Who’s Who of {insert state}, is inducted into our Hall of Shame for what we consider unethical business practices. Stanford Who’s Who is among the growing number of vanity Who’s Who companies who exploit the vanity of people to be included in their Who’s Who volumes for a hefty price. When one applies for inclusion to their volume, a sales representative calls the perspective member. In this conversation the salesman asks various questions about the re©sume© of the prospective member. After gathering information the salesman then informs the unsuspecting prospective member that to have the premier listing it will cost money. One salesman said the service costs $800. The impression is made that one may still have a listing for free, but when informing the salesmen that one is not interested in buying any services, the salesmen hangs up and there is no further contact. Update: We performed another test by signing up for a listing with their Who’s Who. When the salesman called us, we went through all the options. When we asked if a free listing is possible, we were told yes and that we would receive information about our free listing in six weeks. Six months later we have still heard nothing from them. In the first two tests we performed the phone has slammed down in our ear when we mentioned any interest in free listings. While we cannot prove it about this particular company, we have seen other businesses deliberately use name of well-known institutions to make themselves look legit. Stanford University, an ivy league school, is used by a lot by disreputable people for some reason, perhaps because the name Stanford can be claimed as a person’s name more easily that the names of other ivy league universities. We have seen the Stanford name mis-used before like this in many other cases. Update: It is also interesting to note, that Stanford Who’s Who contacted us just days after this listing was originally published. These people appear to be on the lookout for people complaining about them on the Internet. How else could they have know about this listing so quickly? Their communication claimed they have more than 150,000 free member. Well we are still waiting after more than six month for our free membership that was promised in six weeks, and that was after having the phone slammed in our ear in two other tests we made to try to get a listing. The communication threatened law suits for libel, of course. A defense against libel is the truth. We have told the truth, it is a truth that Stanford just doesn’t want revealed and thinks vain threats of legal action will intimidate us. Are me intimidated? No, are amazed. We will be intimated by the likes of these people when purple pigs fly. Buyer Beware! The Better Business Bureau ranks this company an F. The company has substantial complaints against it for advertising and sales issues, billing and collection problems, and problems with their product. A legitimate publisher of an Who’s Who evaluates applicants for the credentials necessary to be included in their volumeswith no guarantee of inclusion. If a person is included, it is at no change, and a proof is sent to the person before the listing is published. Company’s may offer other services for a fee, such as a copy of the book sold at ta inductee’s discount, certificates and plaques to commemorate inclusion in their Who’s Who, and other such paraphernalia, but these are purely optional with a legitimate Who’s Who company. Company Information: Stanford Who’s Who, Inc.Mr. Anthony Casimano, President410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022 Phone: (877) 650-2140Fax: (212) 202-4730 Website: Email addresses:

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