Matthew Destry, Broward Circuit Judge

Broward Circuit Judge Matthew Destry is inducted into the Hall of Shame for sentencing Herbert Smith to a total of 60 years in prison for a suspended driver’s license. Mr. Smith was on probation for several felonies, but he was not charge for any felony. Thus, the 60 years was for a suspended license while on probation. This stunned everyone including the prosecutor. Petitions were circulated to have the judge removed for such draconian sentencing. Allegations is the the judge did this mostly with black defendants. Here is a report from the Miami Sun Sentinel. The judge did suspend the sentence after pressure from the petition. Smith’s release is conditional. If Smith violates those conditions the 60 year sentence will be reinstated. That means that Smith still has a 60 year sentence over his head because he was driving with a suspended license. Second report from the Miami Sun Sentinel.

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