Kappa Sigma and Similar Fraternities

Kappa Sigma is inducted into the Hall of Shame for the attributes that are inconsistent with Catholic or any Christian worldview. This article was originally published on our Spiritual Warfare Q&A. Since its original posting, we have received numerous emails from Kappa Sigma members protesting its publication. Most of these individuals were very polite and mature. We garnered additional information about the Fraternity, some of which is quoted in the following article: As a matter of policy, we do not recommend Catholics to join ANY Greek Fraternity as the entire Greek system, in our opinion, opens itself to, and is rife with corruption, gross immorally, and environments utterly unsuited to people of the Catholic faith and to anyone of moral integrity in general. We do not know the history specifically of Kappa Sigma members' behavior on campus or in their houses. As for Kappa Sigma and the allegation of connection with Freemasonry, we cannot at the time of this writing find any proof that Kappa Sigma derives directly from Freemasonry, but we have found circumstantial evidence that alludes to a possible connection or at least a possible influencea few examples: (more…)

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