Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

Eugene Robinson, columnist for the Washington Post is inducted into our Hall of Shame for two reasons: 1) He calls those who disagree with him un-American. 2) He calls those who disagree with him racists. The one to whom might be called un-American is Mr. Robinson and his liberal ilk who routinely distort facts, lie, and disparage their opponents with terms like un-American, un-Patriotic, and even Nazis. This tactic is called a Liberal Tactic of Obfuscation. The intent is to obfuscate the real issues by proposing these false issues to draw attention away from the truth. We were resoundingly amused in reading Robinson’s column this past week, No Way to Treat a President. Most of the article is psychological projection — projecting onto others attributes of oneself. The characterization he made of conservatives are the exact things that liberals do routinely and have made into an art-form. It was especially amusing to read that Robinson thinks that In the Republican ranks, especially in the House, pragmatists are few and ideologues are legion. This is one of those laugh-out-loud moments. There is no one more of an ideologue than President Obama and the radical left-wing Democrats. They are the posterboys for ideologuery that cares less for the people, but rather shall push their ideology without listening to the people. The behavior of Rep. Wilson at the joint-session of Congress to hear the President’s disingenuous speech was indeed improper. Few would deny that. Mr. Robinson, however, makes it sound like the Democrats have been little choirboys when a Republican President gives a speech. As is usually the case, liberals re-write history. In fact, Republican Presidents have had Democrats grumbling, mugging and eye-rolling, which Robinson says is, not only undignified but frankly un-American. Robinson claims the Democrats never grumbled or eye-rolled at President Bush. The evidence suggests otherwise at the 2005 State of the Union:

Should the Democrats be called un-American? If Robinson says no, then he is a hypocrite. What is more disturbing is the trend to characterize as racist anyone who criticizes President Obama. Those who cry racist whenever someone disagrees with Obama is himself a racist. This one certainly belongs in the Hall of Shame.

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