Jack Black, comedian

CHRISTIAN PRESS (Septmber 14, 2009) The 40-year-old comedian Jack Black went on the dark side during the MTV Awards praying to the devil. Black, who was promoting a heavy metal video game called Bre¼tal Legend, asked the Dear Dark Lord Satan to bless the rock star nominees with continued success in the music industry. Read the full story>>> It is not known if Mr. Black is a Satanist, or if he was sincere in his prayer to Satan. Given who he is, it may have been a show of his twisted and perverse humor. He is well-known for his bigoted comments about Christianity and desire to shock Christians. Whether or not this was a sincere prayer does not matter much. Satan will take notice of our evil flirtations. Mr. Black has basically cursed everyone he prayed for. In most curses it is the curse-caster who suffers the most. What is worse is the amazing response of the audience who held hands and prayed with the man. We pray for this man’s conversion, but such behavior deserves induction in the Hall of Shame.

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