Chinese Government

The Chinese government is inducted into our Hall of Shame for political and human rights violations toward their people. The Chinese Government has been on the Watch List for political and human rights violations since the beginning of the Communist Regime. Some of these violations include forced abortions, forcing the Catholic Church underground, political oppression, treatment of prisoners, taking of political prisoners, torture and killing of political protesters, control of information (even this website has been blocked by the Chinese government), and many other matters. Another example is that Chinese military hardware helped Sudan kill more than two-million Christians and animists in the south, and at least 200,000 in Darfur in the western part of Sudan. Concerning the 2008 Summer Olympic games the Chinese government has, for example, diverted water away from rice paddies that farmers desperately need in this time of a rice shortage. This diverted water is used in Beijing for fountains and other uses to impress the world; this while the farmers languish. Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs says it is interesting that China would want the world to come to the Olympics. They want the world to come and spend money in China. They want us to purchase Chinese goods — but they’re not interested in our opinions about the rights of Chinese people, about the way our brothers and sisters are treated in that country, he comments. But at the same time, he notes, China certainly puts its nose into the internal affairs of other countries. They are purchasing oil and sending military technology to Sudan. They are involved in many other African nations purchasing copper, purchasing other items and providing military help, he explains. We ought not be contributing to the propaganda of a nation so steeped in oppression of its people.

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