In 2001, when Catlin was a Junior in a Catholic High School, she was confronted with unorthodox views from her religion teacher. Her teacher told her privately that our Blessed Mother was probably not virgin, that Joseph was probably the biological father of Jesus, and that Mary probably sinned. Catlin confronted her teacher. The teacher kept telling her that these things did not matter. Even after Catlin brought the catechism and papal documents to prove him wrong, the teacher would dismiss the evidence by saying that none of it was infallible. Catlin reported that her teacher did not believe anything to be infallible (even the Bible) unless the pope has made a formal ex-cathedra proclamation. He informed Catlin that the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception did not exist in the First Century. No matter what documents Catlin produced to prove the Church’s dogma, the teacher denied it. The teacher was, by virtue of his denial, a heretic even though he was a religion teacher. Catlin did not find much help with the school administration concerning this religion teacher’s heresy. She stood her ground in spite of the pressure to let it go. For this tenacity and noble defense of the faith in the face of heretical adults and other adults who would not support her cause even though this was a Catholic High School, Catlin is inducted into the Hall of Honor. Catlin’s response to this honor at the time in 2001 was typical of a humble daughter of our Lord. She said, I hardly feel deserving of such an honor. There are people out there dying for the faith. I am just trying to do my job as a Catholic. I would like to think that any true Catholic would do as I would. Congratulations Catlin. You have fought the good fight. You are a spiritual warrior of great integrity and honor, and an inspiration to us all.

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