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July 2010 (1)
August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-15-2009 Upset Anonymous Reader Filed Under (Upset Reader) … from the annals of the Spiritual Warfare Q&A: ive read some of these posts and let me tell you something. alot of these people need psychiatric couseling not some half baked superstition from the middle ages. your quotes about rock stars oh i dont know were the words from my songs come from most of those guys were probably high od drunk or both when they said it. maby they just do the whole satan bit to goad guys like you on. anybody w kills themselves or another because of ozzy or d and d was a nut to begin with. lets look at your bible theres ritual sacrifice, poligamy, adultry,murder,divinely sanctioned genocide etc.lets not forget all the people put to death by burning and tourture the centuries of women treated like chatel by men who got the ideas for these things from …THE BIBLE. so hers an idea before you police others police th way in the 80s the fbi did extensive investigations into ritual satanic abuse guess what it dosent exist its just another ploy to make money andgain converts through fear by christians. Comments Off Read More

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