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The Detractor Malefactor Chronicle - Hugh O'Regan

by Catherine Frakas 23 Feb 2009

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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-15-2009 Hugh O’Regan (Manager of Roman Catholic Webring) Filed Under (Hugh O'Regan) The following is a review of the St. Michael’s Call website written around 1998 on the Catholic Recovery Mail List by the manager, at the time , of the liberal Roman Catholic Web Ring:
Yes the site is interesting to look at (at least once) as it is instructive of a growing number of independent Catholic reactionary web sites out there on the net. I’m not sure that such individuals and groups would think that discussion of clergy abuse makes you guys heretics in their eyes as they would probably attempt to lay the blame for clergy abuse at the feet of Liberal Catholic policies brought in by misinformed Vatican II style Catholics. Almost always, their focus is on warning loyal Catholics of the dangers of individuals, groups and web sites which promote certain Catholic reforms such as a married priesthood, women’s ordination, blessings of Homosexual Unions and Catholic sites which disseminate information on the rights (actually obligation) of the Catholic’s individual conscience to possibly decide against official Catholic teachings and policies. Our first clue (which you caught right away) that this guy’s [Bro. Ignatius] elevator doesn’t stop at all his floors is the following statement which appears on his home page and which he repeats all over the place: This is a Papal Fidelity Site (loyal and obedient to the current Pope, Vicar of Christ, and to the magisterium in union with him. The members of the Legion of St. Michael, the corporate owner of this Site, take an Oath of Fidelity upon their profession. I have yet to find a Catholic web site which uses the term loyal to the magisterium to be Roman Catholic in the true sense of the term. Almost always such sites reveal an understanding of Catholicism which was picked up in elementary school and failed to develop into an adult healthy Catholic understanding of the faith. Almost always such sites will be negative in their basic orientation. Warning Catholics like chicken little that The sky is falling – the sky is falling. Most will not attack the reforms of Vatican II directly but they will attempt to promote the theory that most of the changes in the liturgy and Church or religious life are due to everyone misunderstanding Vatican II. Of course, there are certain elements within the Roman Catholic world which promote this view as it appears this may be the only way to get the genie back-in-the-bottle and return to a pre-Vatican II understanding of Church. This will not happen. Pope’s do not live forever.
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