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The Detractor Malefactor Chronicle - Bill Vaile

by Catherine Frakas 20 Jan 2009

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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-16-2009 Bill Vaile Filed Under (Bill Vaile) Bill Vaile, a/k/a Just Bill, was responding to Bro. Ignatius’ criticism of the BBS of a independent priest, Father Ashcraft, a founder of United Paranormal International, and the Ghost Hunting/Paranormal Community he leads, for purveying misinformation and allowing witches and other occultist into the group with their obviously erroneous ideas. The primary catalyst was when Fr. Ashcraft came on our BBS after kicking Bro. Ignatius off of his and began trying to recruit people to his BBS. Bro. Ignatius properly sent out a warning to the members of our BBS asking them to ignore Fr. Ashcraft’s PMs and why. Mr. Vaile responded to that with the following in email: Regarding the below message [copy of my comments was included in the email] to the folks! This is a lie and is vindictive in nature. I know the history of you and of Father J very well and I am going to give you one chance to pull it from your site. Stop the attacks on Father J immediately, delete the letter and you will not hear from me again. Continue them and you will hear plenty from me. This is not to be construed as any kind of threat it may however be construed as a suggestion that whosoever lives in glass houses should not be throwing stones. Keep your website I don’t care but use it for good and not for attacking Father J or advertising German pedophilia. You of all people should know better. I will check tomorrow and if the attack on Father J is still there then you will hear more from me but not here… on my site! Attacking Father J is not christian and neither are you. By the way a response to this is not only unecessary it will not be accepted. One chance is all you get. I will check later today the 26th and if the attack is not removed then I will proceed to do to you on my website as you have done to him on yours. I will NOT RECOMMEND your website much as you have so erroneously not recommended his. And you know I can and you know I have facts! Shall we continue this dance? The next day, Bill Vaile, a/k/a/ Just Bill, tried to blackmail Bro. Ignatius by saying that if the comments about Fr. Ashcraft were not removed that he would expose Bro. Ignatius. While the past of Bro. Ignatius was already public, he responded with a clear and bold public statement of the facts:
Update: Now this Christian gentleman is trying to blackmail me with information about my checkered past since I did not remove this thread. I will not give in to blackmail by evil people. It is not a secret, nor do I intend it to be a secret. I use to be addicted to pornography. This is one reason I started the support group in 1998 called the Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addiction Recovery. In 2001, the last pornography site I ever visited contained pictures of teenagers. As a result of having two pictures of teenager girls on my computer that had been erased and on my computer after about three minutes, according to the forensics report, I was arrested. I took responsibility and plead guilty and was sentenced to prison. I spent one year in prison and two years on parole. My prison and parole record was spotless. In fact, I was released early because I had a spotless record and was found to not to be a risk. I also spent two years in therapy. In addition to the civil penalties I also served almost four years on probation and other disciplinary measures from my Order. By the grace of God I am no longer addicted to pornography, have been forgiven in the Sacrament of Confession, done my penance, willingly accepted my punishment from the state and from my Order, and was judged by my superior to be fit to return to ministry. God can always make lemonade from the lemons in our life. He did that with this experience. By going through these things I am better able to help people with sexual addictions, for example. I have also been helping a couple of men who are still in prison to come to know God better, get their life straight to be productive and moral men when they get out. My attorney, who is also a prosecutor in another county and an expert on pornography law, told me that my case was so marginal that he would have never filed charges in the first place had this come across his desk. Based upon other sentences of other people convicted of the same crime, my attorney was expecting sixty-days of house arrest, or at worse, sixty-days of county jail. The judge instead gave me the harshest sentence of anyone accused of this crime in opposition to the merits of the case at the time. We really don’t know why, except for one possibility… During this time my mother went into a coma after surgery. She was in a vegetative state and the doctors said there was no hope. I got permission to go be with her as she died. Just as I got in town and to the hospital my sister came running up to me and said that she was awake. Not only was she awake but she suffered little ill effects. This was a complete shock to the doctors. She is alive today and about 95% recovered. It was a miracle. As Paul Harvey would say, Now for the rest of the story. Just before I left to go home to what I thought would be a funeral I prayed to God. I had not been sentenced yet so I told God that I would offer myself, offer my suffering of willingly going to prison, even though it was most likely that I would get 60 days, if He would save my mother’s life. Well, she woke up with 95% complete recovery when she was suppose to be dead, and a few weeks later I was sentenced to prison when, according to the lawyers, I shouldn’t have been. I feel there is a connection. Thus, I praise God that I went to prison because that, along with other things, it broke my addiction, there are several guys in prison now who are closer to God (I used my time in prison to help people spiritually), the experience helps with my ministry helping sexual addicts, and my mother is alive and well. God made lemonade out of the lemon that was my life. So there you go. That is the basic story. If knowing this means I have lost your respect or that you no longer wish to be part of this website, then so be it. That is part of my past. But, I try to make the mistakes of my past work for the greater glory of God in the present and in the future. As St. Paul said, All things work together for good to those who love God and are called to His purpose. Praise God. Thank you Lord. One thing I will never accept is to be extorted or blackmailed. I forgive this blackmailer and pray for him.
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