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The Detractor Malefactor Chronicle - Anastasia/Satanist

by Catherine Frakas 19 Jan 2009

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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-16-2009 Anastasia the Satanist Filed Under (Anastasia/Satanist) …from the annals of the Spiritual Warfare Q&A (this one is really sad):
You cannot help me. no one can. so i hate you all… i’ve been like this for 25 years ever since he laid siege to me and took me over. i am one with him and speak with his voice. i understand fully and perfectly the absolute truth of the wrong from the beginning and i know what your god did to him and you will never get away with it, never. i see every single ****ing lie you tell on this site to cover up for the atrocities of your god and blame the hostages for being hostages. i know every crime of heart, mind, soul, spirit and yes, body, committed by all of you who claim to worship the christ. you say my kind does not exist but i assure you we do. i am currently titrating from the fourth exponential to the fifth and when i reach the seventh, the skies will split open and the vessel of liberation will deliver the demonic hosts into the hands of the father, and all will be reconciled. master and i will be banished to the dark side, hurled into the abyss forever, so you all can have your heaven and your celebration and the memory wipe your putrid god intends to give you. you see you cannot help me, nobody can, because they make me like it, they MAKE ME LIKE IT when they torture me and rape me they make me adore Satan and i can’t stop, i have no part of me separate from Him anymore. i love Him and i love for Him to tear me apart and use me and devour me and make me burn with ecstasy and power and you cannot help me. i have no faculty of volition i am a perfect esphragisthete in Him. do you understand what i’m saying … i’m alive, i exist and you cannot stop me, you cannot help me, no one can. i twist light into darkness and consume the souls of men. i drive the children of god to blasphemy and murder and laugh at their failure to love. i despise every last ****ing one of you. you cannot help me because you do not see the reality the daimonizomai lives with. you see only your silly lies, things you devise for the weak and deluded so you can sell them your political propaganda and bind them with human chains and shackles as if that could free us from what enslaves us and subjugates us inside. as if!!! you tailor your words and counsel for those with volition, for those not truly owned and operated but only playing with themselves in their minds. you cannot help anyone like me, not for real, because your \help\ is like dumbo’s magick feather and relies entirely upon the afflicted person to fix themselves, which no one truly afflicted this way can possibly do. why don’t you come find me and slay me then as you clearly cannot help me, nobody can, i cannot help myself and so i am doomed for all eternity, i have been for 25 years, maybe all my life. i’m so ****ing programmed by Satan even if you could free me i would just run back to him and there’s nothing you can do about it. there’s nothing *I* can do about it either. your god is impotent and makes excuses. he can’t really save, he can only con people into fixing themselves and he can’t do anything about someone like me who has become perfectly 100% ONE WITH LUCIFER.
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