Status of Saint Christopher after Vatican II

Status of Saint Christopher after Vatican II QUESTION from Aaron on April 30, 2003

Dear Brother,
Does anyone still remember Saint Christopher, the good old saint which still today may adorn dashboards of cars with his pictures and small medals?
Though after Vatican II, the feast days of many saints were dropped, it is rumoured that St. Christopher (one of the dropped feast days) has been de-saint-ified, or to put it less comically; as has been removed from the list of saints (Though I'm not sure if the Roman Martyrology has dropped it).
One the reasons this was done, was because of the existence of reports saying that the famous story about St. Christopher carrying the Child Jesus over the river was a mere legend and not true.
And to back this report, some catholic sites cite the adoption of other saints like St. Raphael or St. Isidore as Patron Saint for travellers, and pretty much for the Net(This being the assumption we travel as we surf online).
What has truly happened to good-old St. Christopher?

ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 3, 2003

Dear Aaron:
This is a common question and many people have been confused about this.
The quick answer is: once-a-saint-always-a-saint.
However, there are more than 8,000 - 10,000 saints on the books. There is not enough room on the calendar for them all. So the Church includes on the universal calendar those saints who are the most important in being an example to us for our current age, and those of popularity.
Saints who's biographies are too sketchy or legendary will be removed in favor of saints we have a more certain history on. That is why St. Christopher was removed from the Universal Roman Calendar.
But regardless of which saints are placed on the Universal Roman Calendar, diocese may choose a patrin saint, as can parishes, religious orders, apostolates, communities, families, or individuals, etc. who is not on the Universal Roman Calendar.
The Easter Catholics, by the way, have their own univeral calendars.
The Patron Saint of this Website is St. Dallon. The reason we chose St. Dallan is because legend as it that when Dallan had his head cut off, he miraculously re-attached his own head. I figure that since I get my head cut off daily by enemies of the Church in doing this Internet ministry, that St. Dallan would be a good choice for Patron Saint. :)

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