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Q&A; Forum Hosts Bio Page

by Catherine Frakas 24 Jan 2001

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Bro. John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM Email: Q & A Forum Manager

Faith & Spiritualty Forum Host Spiritual Warfare Forum Host
Divine Office Forum Host
Bro. Ignatius is the founder of the Order of the Legion of St. Michael and is a former Baptist preacher/evangelist. Bro. Ignatius was converted to the Catholic Church through the teaching of Scott Hahn in 1992. He is experienced in apologetics, catechetics, evangelism, teaching, spiritual warfare counseling, spiritual direction, moral theology, philosophy, ethics and praxeology, the Divine Office, writing, and the general study of the Catholic Faith, Tradition, History, and Philosophy. In the area of Spiritual Warfare, Bro. Ignatius has extensive experience giving workshops in the topic, consulting with law enforcement, investigating occultic groups, research, and conducting spiritual warfare counseling. He is the Director of the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling. In the area of the Divine Office, when Brother first converted, he spent his first six months as a Catholic praying the Divine Office daily with Benedictine Monks. He fell in love with the sung Office and continues to sing the Office daily even when alone. Bro. Ignatius is professed in private vows as a celibate member (Friar) of the Order of the Legion of St. Michael. He lives in residence at St. Michael House Hermitage, the motherhouse of the Order, in South Dakota. Bro. Ignatius is a member several professional and religious organizations. Religious organizations include Catholic Society of Evangelists, Institute on Religious Life, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Adoremus: Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Litrugy, Confraternity of the Brown Scapular, and Confraternity of Mary, Queen of All Hearts (Montfort Fathers), among others. Bro. Ignatius is also in formation as a Marian Catechist under the direction of a program began by the late Father John Hardon, S.J. (a catechetical formation program endorsed by the Vatican) and soon to enter formal studies leading to a ecclesiastical teaching certificate - Catechetical Diploma - from the Vatican. Bro. Ignatius is also listed as a expert in Catholic Catechetics on the website, the largest Q & A website on the Net and is available for PhoneFree consultations on the PhoneFree Expert Zone. This is a service of the Internet phone service. Bro. Ignatius was among the top three activists in the 1970's working against the plague of pornography along side the late Father Morton Hill, S.J. who was a member of the Presidential Commission on Pornography and Obscenity and Director of Morality in Media, Inc.. Bro. Ignatius still maintains a membership in Morality In Media and remains active in the cause against pornography. He currently runs a support group in this website for those addicted to pornography and sexual sins. In the context of Bro. Ignatius' expertise and activities as a Lay Pastoral Counselor and Spiritual Director he is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling. On the other side of the tracks in brother's life, he is a professional and published poet and writer, and an editor and publisher. In this life-track Bro. Ignatius is a member of the Academy of American Poets and is an inductee in the Who's Who in American Poets, Writers, and Editors, and is listed as Editor and Publisher of St. Michael Press and Writers House Press in the International Directory of Small Presses and Little Magazines and the WritersNet Online Directory. Brother was a recipient of the prestigious Kaltenborn Foundation Grant for his work on Beginning Magazine (a magazine specializes in new talent). [Note: Kaltenborn was a comtemporary of Edward R. Murrow. Murrow was at CBS and Kaltenborn at NBC]. NOTE: Due to the hundreds of emails this apostolate receives each day, and the massive demands competing for time and attention in an apostolate like this, and given there is only 24 hours given to us in a day, Bro. Ignatius is no longer able to answer private general questions. If a person's question cannot be handled publicly in the Q & A Forum, then a request for private consultation must be submitted and an appointment made.
The answers to almost all questions that people ask also benefit others when the answers are made public on a Forum such as this. That is why we have a public Q & A Forum. Thus, please do not hesitate to ask your question on the public Q & A forum. You do not have to give your full name or other details that would identify you.
If your situation is serious enough as to need private consultation, then you may contact the Legion of St. Michael Front Office for an appointment. An appointment means that, like in a face-to face meeting, your question or concern will be scheduled in an appointment calendar at the earliest available time that is open. If the consultation is to be by email, then your email will be read and responded to by the appointment date. If the consultation is to be live by telephone, Internet Phone, or live chatroom, then the meeting will occur at the appointed day and time.
Thank you for your understanding.

Mr. Joe Meineke Email: Spiritual Warfare Forum Co-Host Mr. Meineke is on staff with the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling (SPCDC) and is the Director of a branch office of the SPCDC called the Ohio Spiritual Warfare Center. He has been researching the issues of the occult and demonology for 18 years. As an investigator, Mr. Meineke has worked with a well-known deliverance ministry and has dealt with demonic manifestations and demonically infested homes. His experience includes not only prayer and spiritual issues, but also the scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena. He has been trained in logic, critical analysis, and the sciences in college and in personal research. Mr. Meineke is currently in Phase 2 of the Deliverance Counseling training program of the SPCDC under the direction of Bro. Ignatius. He lives in Ohio with his wife and three children and works as a computer consultant and web designer. Mr. Jacob Slavek Email: Liturgy & Liturgical Law Forum Host Although Mr. Slavek has been Catholic since childhood, it was not until 15 that he began to practice his faith seriously. Mr. Slavek is currently working on a degree in Classical Languages at the University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota and has made a special study in Liturgical Law. Mr. Slavek is pursuing a calling to the holy priesthood and hopes to enter seminary after his university studies. Mr. Slavek is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Hosts Emeritus John Miskell Liturgy & Liturgical Law Forum (10/9/1998 - 12/19/2000) and Pro-Life Forum (12/4/1999-12/19/2000) Mr. Miskell is a lay apologist and an active member of the Catholic Society of Evangelists. He speaks and write on many issues of apologetics with a specialty on Liturgical Forms. He is known by some, with affection, and by others with less affection, as the Liturgy Cop. With his wife Delia, Mr. Miskell is co-founder of Your Catholic Neighbors. A former Green Beret Sergeant and combat medic, Mr. Miskell later worked as a section manager for a large U.S. based financial services firm until retiring because of disc and joint disease. He and his wife Delia reside in Pennsylvania. The Miskell's have three sons, Jacob, Timothy, and Patrick. Suzanne Fortin, B.A. Church History Forum (9/3/1999 - 4/16/2001) Mrs. Fortin is a cradle Catholic, but only started practicing her faith in high school. In 1998, she received her B.A. in History from Laval University in Quebec City, Canada, and married in 1999. She has done extensive personal research on Church History and has a thorough grasp not only of the history of the Church but also of the Catholic worldview, which is critical in properly understanding history. Presently she resides in Ontario, Canada where she webmasters Communion, a Canadian Catholic site. Mr. Troy Martz Pro-Life Forum (4/17/2002 - 4/17/2003) and How to Answer a Fundamentalist Protestant Forum (7/17/2001 - 4/17/2003) Mr. Martz is a lay apologist and Pro-Life activist. He has actively worked in Pro-Life efforts for the past 13 years including serving on the Board of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, starting the Gabriel Project at two parishes, and working at the parish, diocese, and state level to promote respect for all human life. Mr. Martz has taught Bible Studies and Apologetics in recent years and is currently working on a MA Degree in Religion from Catholic Distance University. His conversion from Pentecostalism stemmed largely through the consistent pro-life witness of a strong Catholic family and the Apostolic Authority of the Catholic Church. Mr. Martz and his wife Mary live in Maryland and homeschool their three young children: Joseph, John Paul, and Anna. Ronald Barnabas Anthony, CSAP, B.A., M.S., R.S., M.Min, M.A. Scripture and Sacred Tradition Forum (1/4/2000 - 7/12/2001) and How to Answer a Fundamentalist Protestant Forum (10/4/1998 - 7/12/2001) Bro. Anthony, founder of a new monastic community was a good friend, a defender of the faith, and volunteered his time with this forum from 1998-2001. His answers in the Scripture and Sacred Tradition Forum and How to Answer a Fundamentalist Protestant Forum were excellent and in full communion with the Church. Special Notice: In September of 2002, Bro. Anthony slipped into schism and heresy and left the Church to be accepted and ordained in the American Old Catholic Church. This particular branch of the Old Catholics appears to be particularly protestant in flavor. Not only do they deny the dogmas of papal infallibility and the primacy of the Pope, which all Old Catholics do, but they also abandoned the Church's teaching on divorce and remarriage, on contraception, and on the exclusive nature of the Eucharist to be shared only with those in communion. In addition, Bro. Anthony as attempted to redefine on his own authority and opinion the dogma of no salvation outside of the Catholic Church in an attempt to justify his defection from the Catholic Church in a way that allows him to believe that his soul is not in danger by such defection. We are horrified and in shock over this development. Needless to say, we can no longer recommend the writings and homilies of Bro Anthony. When one defects from the Faith, in much the same manner as conversion, there is a change of mindset, a change in worldview. This affects all that one does and thinks. Bro. Anthony has abandoned the Catholic worldview in favor of one of self and pride and rebellion. As with any defector, while they may still say or write good things, errors usually creep in unawares. Thus the need to remove recommendation. The answers he gave us in our Q & A Forums were written when Bro. Anthony was a good Catholic. They represent Catholic teaching. Be we caution people concerning future writings. Historically, as time goes by with a schismatic and heretic, their writings progressively get further and further away from the true teaching of the Apostles. We cannot know if this will happen to Bro. Anthony, but in any regard, in as much as the American Old Catholic Church is at odds with the True Church on certain issues, to that degree we can expect Bro. Anthony's writings to be in equal error on those issues. We pray for him and ask you to pray for him too that he may come to his senses and return to the True Church.

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