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Revelations, Nephilim, and the Euro-Dollar QUESTION from Ikari December 29, 1999
JP: I am not aware of the 200 watchers being in the Bible. If I missed that, you will have to give me chapter and verse. At the moment, I don?t recall the Bible ever mentioning such a thing.
I have done extensive cross-referencing, and I believe you to be completely correct. There is no specific information in the NIV talking about the descent of these 'Watchers'. I beleive that was extrapalated from DSS research. Have you heard of this, even outside of doctrine? (Of course, I don't expect you to endorse it, but I'm wondering if it's a widespread idea).
JP: As for Genesis 6:4 and the Nephilim, there is no definitive conclusion to what all that means.
Does the Catholic church participate in any form of research or study on these more esoteric portions of the bible? If so, are these studies publically accessible?
Also, reguarding the statement Jesus made I do not come to bring you peace, but rather division.. ; That verse goes on to make commentary about some sort of numerical division of family. This is quite frank, but, do you have any idea whatsoever what Jesus is alluding to with the 5 unto 4, and 4 unto 3 statement? (I know that's not entirely correct, but it's near that).
Final question for this go ; Does the Catholic church have an indoctrinated interpretations of the Book of Revelations?
(Ok, one more)
Have you heard anything about the Eurodollar having a depiction of a dragon with seven heads and ten horns being ridden by a woman as one of it's emblems? I heard this through the grapevine, and find it mildly disturbing.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on December 29, 1999 Dear Mr. Ikari:
I have moved your question to the Faith and Spirituality Forum as these questions really to not deal with Spiritual Warfare.
Here is a direct link to the answer of your question located in the Faith and Spirituality Forum: Click here
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