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Yet, more Questions QUESTION from Xander Preston December 28, 1999
I think you *may* have mis-understood me. First of all, like I said, I'm only 15. I am not very knowledgable.
I am a church attender, and I am a Christian. I am just going through the ask-alot-of-questions phase. There is a lot about god and religion that is unclear to me. I have been asking these questions to certian people I look up to at my church. (My Sunday School Teachers).
I have been studing archaeology and paranormal studies since I was thirteen. I would really just like to **learn** about other points of view on life and religion.
To tell you the truth, I get this strange sensation sometimes... When I am discussing things like this. Like there is more to it than what we know, I really would like to further my knowledge. Is that wrong? Will I go to hell for having independant thoughts?
Thank you, and take care.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on Tuesday, December 28, 1999 Dear Mr. Preston:
I understand you very well. I have been where you are at.
But let me put my point to you more bluntly…..
Yes it is wrong for you to be studying paranormal and occultic issues at your age and with your uncertainty about God and Religion.
You have NO business reading that stuff.
The strange sensation you get is the sensation of the devil being allowed into your life because you are playing in his sandbox, you are reading the devil’s material.
You are playing with fire and it WILL burn you.
You state that you are unknowledgeable and unclear on issues of God and Religion. That being the case, you are in SEVERE danger reading this occultic stuff.
You need to concentrate on learning and becoming secure in your understanding of the Christian Faith, before even thinking of studying other points of view.
You are a man standing on sand. Study of these other things, if it EVER needs to be done, cannot be done until you are standing on firm ground.
I implore you to stop exploring the occultic area. If you don’t, the strange sensations will not be the only thing or even the worse thing you will experience. This is a bomb you are dealing with.
I am not joking.
I did what you are doing and I almost lost my life. Worse, I almost lost my soul to hell.
This is not fun and games. This is dangerous business and you are in danger.
Can you go to hell by having independent thoughts? Not for the thought itself. But EVERY SIN begins as a thought. You start having these independent thoughts which lead to more thoughts which lead to more thoughts, which can lead to a loss of faith, which can lead to performing a terrible act. I know what I am speaking of. I have been there. In fact I have some of my story in this forum:
This path you are taking is a path of death.
If I am frightening you, good. Fear will save your life in this instance. Be afraid, be very afraid to mess with the devil and his stuff.
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