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Questions of Faith QUESTION from Xander Preston December 25, 1999 Good Day,
I may not be of great intellegence to speak to you people (for I am only 15). But, I would still appretiate an answer to my question:
Is it WRONG to think independant thoughts away from god? Is studying demonology/witchcraft out of PURE curiousity WRONG? Is asking questions like this WRONG? Is it a nessecity to WORSHIP god 24/7, with exceptions (sleep, etc). PLEASE ANSWER!
Also, Chris, who posted a messaged awhile ago (Titled: Demon Slayer), remember? Well, I have a comment to Chris (Hope your viewing my post, Chris): Lay off TV, thats right, no BTVS for another week!
Sorry for the humor, I am still very confused, answer my questions PLEASE!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on December 27, 1999 Dear Mr. Preston:
The question is not whether it is wrong. The question is whether it is prudent and wise.
Since you have identified yourself as confused, to delve into the occult is like swallowing a time bomb. It is really not prudent and it is even foolish.
There is NOTHING in the occult that you need to know. You need to study the Bible and the Faith, not things contrary to God. The Bible tells us in many places to stay away from things that are not of God. This is one of them.
Is it necessary to worship God all the time? Yes, even in your sleep – that is you should go to bed praising God and asking God to protect you while you sleep, and you should wake up praising God. There is never a time that we stop worshipping God.
We will pray for you. Please, set the witchcraft and demonology books aside. They will hurt you. Pick up a Bible and a Catholic Catechism and learn about the faith. Become strong in the faith. Trying to research the occult when you are confused and unsteady in the faith is like trying to explore a mountain when you don’t have the strength to climb a rope – it will likely lead to falling :-)
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