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by Catherine Frakas 13 Jun 2003

magic in the bible QUESTION from jase Dawnsinger December 14, 1999 merry meet
in the bible are several spells such as turning water to wine, parting seas, turning a stick(staff) to a snake(serpent?) ect. i am sure you know what i mean. now my question is if using magic is evil why does it happen so often in the bible. nobody at my church can answer this. they can all tell me that anyone who uses magic is evil and will go to hell but if that is true wouldnt moses and jesus ect go too? please help i am very confused.
thank you for taking the time to read this god bless Jase
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on December 19, 1999 Dear Mr. Dawnsinger:
I noticed that you mention that you belong to a church and yet you greet me with merry meet. Merry meet is specifically a greeting used by many witches, pagans, and occultists. I guess I can understand why you are confused.
If you are indeed a Christian church-goer, the best way to not be confused is to listen to the teaching of your church. Stay close to God. Dabbling in occult philosophies and practices, witchcraft and the like, are absolutely forbidden by God. That alone is sufficient to stay away from it. You can read my other answers about witchcraft for more information.
As to the issue of magic, or magick, this is an attempt to manipulate natural or supernatural forces by drawing power from the earth and the universe in an effort to produce an effect. This manipulation is often accomplished through the use of charms, spells, or various rituals. The reason for the attempt is purely personal, and depending upon the motivation of the person, can be seen as positive (white magick) or negative (black magic).
God in not in the equation here. This is an attempt to manipulate natural or supernatural forces without regard to God and His will.
Magick, by its vary nature, like the very nature of witchcraft itself, is selfish. It seeks its own desires. Should one happen to have a desire to help others it is nevertheless a selfish desire. It is selfish because it is done merely because one desires it for oneself.
The Christian, on the other hand, is taught that good works are not self-centered or self-determined. Rather, we seek God’s will and guidance on what we do and we do it not for our own desire, but for the glory of God.
The effects of miracles that we see from Moses and others are not magick. Moses does not decide when to do a miracle, nor does he have any control over it, nor does he draw power from the earth or universe to accomplish it. He does not perform the miracle out of personal desire.
The miracles are performed only upon the directive of God, through His power, in His timing, and for His glory.
Magick is evil because it tries to accomplish the effect without God. It tries to solve problems without God.
When we trust in God we trust in a Father who has our best interests at heart. If we pray to God for healing and he does not heal our broken bodies, then there is a good reason for it. We need to accept that reason and be blessed by it.
I am reminded of the story, The Robe. After Marcellus went mad thinking that Jesus’ Robe had bewitched him, he was sent by Tiberius to find the Robe and destroy it and by that action be cured of his madness.
While posing as a merchant in Palestine, Marcellus comes to a village where a beautiful woman is singing in the courtyard. People are all around listening to her.
The elder of the village is showing Marcellus around and telling him about how Jesus came though the village and healed people.
Marcellus remarked, but He didn’t heal the girl. She still can’t walk, yet she seems happy.
The elder agreed that her legs were not healed but her spirit was. She had been a bitter woman about her disability until Jesus healed her soul. Now she is in love with life and sings her joy to the world.
When we take such things into our own hands, we cannot know exactly what truly needs to be healed. A typical person, let alone a witch, would try to heal her legs, especially because that is what the girl herself wanted, but that is not what needed healing. It was her spirit. God knew that, men didn’t, she didn’t.
Only God can know what is truly best for us. If we take matters into our own hands and try to manipulate the forces of nature to bend our way, we may bend them in ways that are not in our best interest and will miss out on the glory that God would have had for us had we trusted him.
Magick is evil because it is an attempt, whether you agree or not, to play God. Only God is God. Let us rely upon Him.
When we do rely upon Him, sometimes, but only sometimes, we might see a miracle. But the miracle is not magic, it is the sovereign action of a omnipotent and all-knowing God who decided that a miracle was needed at that given moment. When He makes that decision, he often uses human vessels to accomplish His will. We are his messenger boys. We don’t write the message and we don’t determine who the message goes to, and we don’t mess with the message. We merely deliver it.
P.S. For the Christians who read this, you might find this interesting. EVERY SINGLE QUESTION about witchcraft and the occult and such has caused me problems in trying to answer. Every single time without exception I type the answer to the question and then what I have typed disappears and I have to write the answer all over again – this happens every time – including on this question.
This does not happen on any other question I answer. Interesting!
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