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Education and career path QUESTION from Ryan Ende November 18, 1999 Is there a program anywhere in what I would call Weird Religion I am Reformed and am iterested in things such as Apologetics but more the area of demonolgy and dealing with the occult. I am very interested in exersism. Can you offer any aid with this.
Ryan Ende P.S. Please forgive my spelling it bad at best. email addy:
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 23, 1999 Dear Mr. Ende:
I do not recommend that you go into a career of demonology. It is a dangerous career that one should not touch unless profoundly compelled by a calling of God.
But as a general source work, I would recommend the books of Neil Anderson, such as the Bondage Breaker.
Neil Books may be ordered from:
Freedom in Christ Ministries 491 E. Lambert Rd. La Habra, CA 90631 (562) 691-9128 A note to our Catholic readers. Neil Anderson's work is FIRST RATE, but he is a Protestant. The material he uses is fine, but in some spots needs to be Catholicized.
In my own deliverance work, I have Catholicized his material for the in-house Deliverance Counseling Manual we have.
I hope to see Neil again this coming February or March and I plan on asking him if I may officially publish a Catholic edition of one or two of his books.
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