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Protection QUESTION from Mattchu Rosen November 5, 1999 Now, i am jewish, however, only by blood. I am somewhere mixed between both christinaity and Judism, both intrest me alot, iv been thinking alot about my faith recently, and i have to ask, by wearing a cross, are u closer to god. If so, if i wear a torah portion around my neck is it like the same. And if i was to wear both what would that do?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 10, 1999 Dear Mr. Rosen:
There wearing of a cross or a torah does not DO anything for you. These symbols are not magical, they are not talismons.
These items are merely SYMBOLS to remind you of the faith that you already have.
It is not the symbols that protect you, it is God who protects you. The symbols are merely a sign of your faith in God and in his protection.
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