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by Catherine Frakas 28 Jul 2003

Demonic Confrontation QUESTION from Philip Bartlett May 27, 1999 Good Afternoon,
Only a matter of weeks ago I had a most remarkable encounter with the forces of darkness. I am currently a Calvinist (although I still have not been able to make up my mind entirely on the faith closest to the truth and have obliged myself to maintain an open mind and heart on the issue) and have performed extensive reading on matters of spiritual and especially Christian import. A few weeks ago I had encountered some information that when one plays Hotel California by the Eagles backwards Satanic messages stream from the speakers. Having the computer equipment capable of performing this, a friend and I attempted to see if this assertion was a hoax or real. Lo and behold, and to this day I cannot fathom its truth, and even though when played forwards the letters would NEVER sound out the statement heard, a demonic squaggily voice proclaimed Yea Satan had us form our own religion. To this day the sound of it rattles my nerves, and it completely had my acquaintance by surprise. That very same day I was eating lunch in a food court area and I had an encounter with a mentally sick woman. Wondering whether demons were involved (she was speaking to thin air and lecturing absolutely nothing) I decided to pray to God and used a decidedly Catholic prayer (appealing to St. Michael). [On another note why are angels in your tradition called saints when they clearly are not redeemed Christians?] All of the praying was done in my head unbeknownst to her. Immediately she looked me directly in the eye (I was not looking directly at her before this) and said If you do that one more time I will kill you!. This woman was seated about three tables away and didn't attract any attention because she had been saying many things to thin air for a long while. I prayed another prayer and decided to test the Intercession of the Virgin Mary and asked her to pray for angels to take out the demon. Upon doing this, IMMEDIATELY upon doing this, the woman looked up and started laughing and saying Oh no... NO AHAHA NO! Then she DIRECTLY looked at me and said to me Alright thats it I'm going to cut your *#* off. She was motioning in her pocket with what looked like a knife or sharp object pointed at me. At that point I promptly left. Clearly this must be a demon. I would appreciate the moderators reflections on this incident as well as what he feels took place.
I have done extensive reading on the subject of the enemy, perhaps more than should be done. From ancient Egyptian priests to modern forms and rituals the darkness of Satan is alive and well, operating in ways that corrupt all who attempt to venture into his paths.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on Thursday, May 27, 1999 Dear Mr. Bartlett:
Before commenting on the primary subject you present, let me answer the quick and easy question first – why are angels called saint.
Saint meaning a redeemed Christian is only one possible definition. The term saint also means: worthy of public veneration. Those persons who have been investigated and found worthy of public veneration (which means recognition as a role-model that we can look up to with great respect) are called Saints.
The Church has also found that special respect is given to three angels. These angels are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. These are the only three with the title, Saint. This means that these three angels are worthy of public recognition and respect for the glory of God that they model.
Now to your experience…..
Well my reaction is that your experience is, assuming everything is what it appears to be as your describe it, that it confirms Catholic thought. Demons are real, St. Michael is real and is a warrior against them, and our Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven, the woman of Revelation 12, indeed gives fear to the demons since it is through her they will be defeated. Notice the extreme reaction at the invocation of Mary that was stronger than at the invocation of St. Michael.
Your story also confirms the veracity of the Communion of the Saints. If we could not offer such prayers, if such prayers had no affect (i.e. influence), as Protestants claim, then they would have had no affect (i.e. influence) on this poor demonized women. She would not have reacted as she did (although seeing a visible response from her is not required in order for those prayers to have had an effect (i.e. a reaction in her); but there certainly could not have been a response from her unless the prayers did have and affect and effect).
As for the backmasking of the record album, such things are done on purpose by recording artist and/or by the record prodcuers.
It is also possible for the backmasking to happen, I believe, through more direct intervention of the devil -- such as inspiring the artists to write lyrics that when played backwards would give a message. I also believe it is possible for the devil to backmask directly without knowledge of the producers or artists or having anything to do with particular words in lyrics that would necessarily be a word in when played backwards. This is an electronic process, impression, when the record is made, and thus does not require mechanical manipulation. As a spiritual being, the devil can easily manipulate, I believe, the pyschics of electricity.
Since Satan is the god of music as it were, that is, he was the choir director in heaven (Ezk 28:11-15) and this is intimately knowledgable of music, and since music is a language for the soul, it stand to reason that one of the greatest attacks we will receive from Satan is through music.
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