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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Acupuncture and bioenergetic cure vs. catholicism?

by Catherine Frakas 10 Sep 2002

Acupuncture and bioenergetic cure vs. catholicism? QUESTION from Dalila Velez on February 24, 2003 Hi, I would like to know wether I'm committing sin or not by receiving acupuncture and I wanted to know also if using bioenergetics (I think it's not hand healing like in REiki)that uses magnets, flower waters, and stuff like that to cure my 5 year old son's Ideopathic Trombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) is bad in the eyes of the catholic church. I would like to get the answer as soons as possible if you can. Thanks.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 11, 2003 Dear Mrs. Velez:
I am sorry I was not able to get the answer to you sooner. I was in the hospital and recouperating for a while. I have only just now come back to work.
As for Acupuncture, scientific studies have shown that it can be effective in pain control. It has also soon effectiveness in asthma, irritable bowl, addictions (such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs), helping eliviate nausa with chemotherapy. Some limited use may be indicated in the early statges if a person has a stroke or suddenly develops weakness or paralysis of a limb.
Acupuncture is not proven to be useful or other purposes. We need to remember that NO TECHNIQUE is a cure-all.
The is no problem with a Catholic receiving acupuncture in-and-of-itself, but remember that it has limited uses, and even in those uses described above, traditional medicines and procedures are just as good if not better.
One must be careful, however, that the acupunture practitioner does not also practice various occult procedures at the same time as the acupuncture. Many practioners will offer silent prayers to entities other than God while given you the procedure.
Also remember, that the basic theory behind acupuncture and much of Chinese medicine is a worldview and theory and philosophy that is incompatible with Christianity.
We need to limit ourselves to what has been scientifically demonstrated as effective with acupuncture treatment.
Bioenergetics comes in many forms. It depends on what you have in mind. Bioenergetics can include elements of Reichan theory, meditation techniques, relaxation therapy, massage, and other muscle work. It is a New Age concept on the whole as little value, but in the specific can have effective results. Meditation (properly done in line with the Catholic Church), massage, and the like can certainly reduce stress and effect health by that. There are elements that can be approached and elements, such as Reichan Theory and mind-emptying type meditation that MUST be avoided by Catholics.
Bioenergetics that uses flower water or crystals and other such nonsense is just that -- nonsense. Such things also usually carry with it New Age philosophies that are inconsistent with Christianity.
Magnets have been found to have one proven effect -- the acceleration of bone fracture healing. There is some research on the use of magnets in pain control. Those who suffer from pain may try calling the clinic of Robert Holcomb at 615.329.9629
I looked up the condition your son has. I am very sorry for his illness. I will be in prayer for him.
The site has this description which I am sure you know well, but our readers may be interested. After this section I will end with a bottom line answer for you.

What is ITP? ITP stands for idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Idiopathic means that the cause is unknown. Thrombocytopenic means the blood doesn't have enough platelets. Purpura means a person has excessive bruising. You may also hear ITP called immune thrombocytopenic purpura.
In people with ITP, all of the blood cells are normal except for the blood platelets. Platelets are the tiny cells that seal minor cuts and wounds and form blood clots. A person with too few platelets bruises easily and bleeds for a long time after being injured. Tiny red dots on the skin, called petechiae (say pe-TEEK-ee-ay) might also appear. When the platelet count is very low, the person with ITP might have nosebleeds that are hard to stop, or might have bleeding in the intestines.
What causes ITP?
The cause of ITP is not known. People with ITP form antibodies that destroy their blood platelets. Normally, antibodies are a healthy response to bacteria or viruses. In people with ITP, however, the antibodies attack the body's own blood platelets.
Who gets ITP?
There are 2 types of ITP. One type affects children, and the other type affects adults. In children, the usual age for getting ITP is 2 to 4 years of age. Most adults with ITP are young women, but it can occur in anyone. ITP does not run in families.
How does ITP affect children?
ITP is different in children than in adults. Most children with ITP have a very low platelet count that causes sudden bleeding. The usual symptoms are bruises and the tiny red dots on the skin. Nosebleeds and bleeding gums are also common.
How is ITP diagnosed?
Your doctor can diagnose ITP by asking questions about your health and doing a physical exam. Your doctor may take a blood sample and look at it under a microscope.
How is ITP treated in children?
Because most children recover with no treatment, many doctors recommend just watching them carefully and taking care of the bleeding symptoms. Children don't have to go to the hospital if good care is available at home. However, some doctors recommend a short treatment with prednisone pills or intravenous infusions (given in a vein) of gamma globulin to increase the platelet count more quickly. Both medicines have some side effects.
How can I find out more?
For more information call, write or visit:
Platelet Disorder Support Association P.O. Box 61533 Potomac, MD 20859 87-PLATELET (877-528-3538)

There is no effect of acupunction or bioenergetics that would effect blood platelets. It is not so much that it is a sin to use these techniques, as it is a waste of time. These techniques are not effectual for this sort of disorder.
There is an issue of faith, however. To be desparate to try unproven and known ineffectual non-traditional teachniques may suggest a lack of trust in God's providence.
We need to give our medical health, and the medical health of our children to God. He is the Master Physicisn. God has given us the gift of medicine and the gift of legitimate alternative medicine. But to pursue alternatives for the sake of doing so when there is no evidence that they will have any effect is a problem.
I don't know your child's condition, of course, but it appears, according to the article I posted that most children recover from this condition without any therapy.
I would advise that you follow your doctor's advice and stay away from questionable alternative procedures. These procedures at best are ineffectual for a condition like ITP, and at worse can involve occultic elements either in the procedure itself or with the practitioner who treats your child. It isn't worth the risk.
God Bless and we will be praying. Bro. Ignatius

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