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Spiritual Warfare Forum: demonic alliances in witchcraft

by Catherine Frakas 11 Sep 2002

demonic alliances in witchcraft QUESTION from Adrian Sander on February 24, 2003 My enquiry has several parts:
1. do some types of demons specialise in sickness and disease and can they really induce symptoms of various medical disorders?
2. can a witchcraft group cause another person (the target) genuine physical harm by conjuring a demon to attack the person and, for example, cause blindness in that person?
3. am I right in thinking that most groups which call themselves witchcraft groups are actually quite ameteurish, and demons would usually not bother to take any notice of them and form any serious alliances with them (even though the group might think it really does have some supernatural helper from the dark side?
4. am I right in thinking that cases where groups have succeeded in establishing demonic alliances are only those groups which are very heavily into serous witchcraft, involving such things as heavy drug use and animal sacrifices and other such ghoulish and genuinely dangerous practices (I seem to remember such cases occassionally being recorded in Mexico, for example)?
5. am I right in thinking that, in the case of such alliances, the actual purpose of the demon is less to do with causing harm to targets and more to do with deceiving the group itself, in order to use it for its (the demon's) own purposes, and ultimately drag its members into Hell?
Thank you for your response,
yours in Christ,
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 11, 2003 Dear Mr. Sander:
To answer your questions:
Question #1: Yes, there are demons who specialize in sickness and disease. They can, if God allows, cause some physical ailements. Remember Job. He received boils all over his body caused by Satan. This happens more often than we think.
Question #2: Yes, a coven of witches, occultist, or satan worshipers can pray to Satan and conjure demons and ask them to attack a person. Although I suppose blindness could be the form of attack, the attacks are more likely to be spiritual in nature. Again, this can happen only if God allows and to the degree God allows.
Question #3: It is true that most occult groups are diletantes and relatively benign. Most witches would refer to themselves as white witches are are more into New Age nature stuff than the demonic. These practices are still ungodly, but you are correct in that these people are unlikely to bring the attention of Satan or high-level demons. But involvment in these activities can and does bring bondage to the individual.
Question #4: Actually drug use and animal sacrifices are trivial pursuits of the lower level occultist, often disgruntled teenagers. These practices are trivial not because the practices themselves are trivial, but they are trivial compared to the real full-fledged Satanist.
The full-blown Satanist will be involved in high criminal activity including perhaps human sacrifice in addition to sexual perversions, drugs, and animal sacrifice. They are VERY secretive and one is not likely to know about them. Your next door neighbor could be one and you would never know it.
Nevertheless, those who get into animal sacrifice and drugs, even at the more trivial levels, are deeply involved in the darker aspect. The white witches would not be involved in these sorts of activities. We are talking about black magik and dark forces at this level. The depth of the person's involvement and the level of danger the person is in will vary.
Question 5: The purpose of demons and the effects of conjuring and involving oneself with demons cannot necessarily be specifically described. The demons do desire to harm human beings and to drag them away from God. They desire to bring humans to hell and to use them and groups to facilitate their lies to others.
They are not to be played with.
Bro. Ignatius

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