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Demonic attack after spiritual warfare prayers QUESTION from Faith on February 13, 2003 Hi, this forum has been so helpful that I hope you could give me some information about this as well. Is this one of those situations where things get worse before they get better? Let me explain. I have said some spiritual warfare prayers on behalf of a friend with a bad habit. They do not know I have said these prayers. Well, now I find out that they took up ANOTHER activity that they had quit for more than five years! I was sooooo disappointed to hear this. Just one month ago this person was telling me that they would NEVER go back to this other habit. Not drugs by the way, but something just as destructive as a chemical habit.
Anyway, I was so disappointed I felt like my prayers were not only NOT answered, but now things seem worse. Not only do I feel disappointed in the person, but it is also dampening my faith. Can you please help.
I am not blaming it on the warfare prayers, by any means. Can demons do this in retaliation? I am at my wits end. You don't understand, this friend had given up something with absolute resolve over five years ago and now this. By the way, this is the person I've written about before...the friend with the haunted house, deviant behavior, history of childhood abuse, etc. Any suggestions for stepping up the warfare?
ANSWER by Mr. Joe Meineke on February 13, 2003 Dear Faith, Thank you for your question. We are glad to hear that you find this forum helpful. First, your prayers were answered. Prayer is always efficacious. Second, yes, demons can retaliate as a result of increased prayers. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that you are dealing with a person who has free will. The decision to go back to the old habit likely had nothing to do with your SW prayers for him. Many people return to old habits. For example, I just found out the other day that someone I know, who had not smoked for well over 10 years, recently started smoking again. We need to be careful about thinking that someone's negative personal behavior is somehow tied to our prayers for him or her. Remember, people are free to choose for both good and bad, and old habits can creep back in for little or no reason at all. Do not let these types of things define your relationship with God or affect your faith in Him. Remember, we do not know, nor do we need to know, the reason for everything that happens around us. God knows, and this is sufficient. Trust in God and continue to pray for your friend as you feel led. God bless you, Joe Meineke Assistant to Bro. Ignatius
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