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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Sleep paralisis

by Catherine Frakas 20 Sep 2002

Sleep paralisis QUESTION from Lilith on February 5, 2003 I am conserned (sic) at some of the replies about 'demonic' experiences some have reported. I think if you were to investigate a condition called 'sleep paralisis (sic)' you will find an explaination (sic) that will reassure your readers about what is occuring. I have had to deal with a lot of destresed (sic) people who have been 'attacked' in this way, and who have been fed such rubbish by christian ministers. You are doing great damage by what you are saying, and you are not doing Gods (sic) work by saying it. You are spreading fear, and thats the devils (sic) work.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 10, 2003 Dear Lilith:
Yes, dear, I am fully aware of sleep paralysis also called cataleptic somnambulism. In fact I have studied several research papers published in Medical Journals on this subject and have attended medical seminars. If you had actually read our site, you would have discovered that I have talked about this condition on several occasions.
In our counseling when someone reports this experience, our first thought is cataleptic somnambulism. Our overall approach is to first consider the possible scientific and natural causes of an experience and to refer people to doctors or psychiatrists if needed. We sift through the issues to try to discern what is medical, what is psychological, and what is spiritual. In fact, we have the most comprehensive training program on the planet to teach potential counselors about these things and to teach them to NEVER jump to a conclusion that something is spiritual.
But, yes, I admit and know that there does exist certain Christian ministers who spiritualize everything. They are wrong on that. I had one minister tell me once that I needed exorcized from a demon of the common cold because I happened to have a cold. Such extremism is wrong and dangerous. But ignoring the real possibilities of demonic harassment is also dangerous.
As C.S. Lewis wrote:
There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about demons. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.
Being curious, I looked you up on the Internet and found that you are a witch active on Wicca websites and mail lists. I also read an interview with you in which you were asked if you were tolerant of other religions. Your answer was yes, but I do not see a tolerant attitude in your question.
Unfortunately you appear to have a license to counsel in England. We will pray for your clients since your worldview is hostile to good psychological or spiritual health as you come from and appear to operate from a worldview of witchcraft. This causes serious damage since witchcraft is not consistent with the Owners Manual for Good Health that God wrote. Spiritual health comes by loving God and offering ourselves to Him. Witchcraft does the opposite.
Over the years I have had to deal with MANY people who had no problems until they got involved in witchcraft and the New Age. These philosophies and crafts cause untold amount of damage to the psychology of a person and certainly to the soul. Such as activity that violates God's teaching and will is certainly NOT God's work. God has made this crystal clear in the Bible. He condemns witchcraft.
I am very distress at knowing that you are a professional counselor in England, with a license to practice, and thereby foisting the ungodly worldview of witchcraft on your clients.
Witchcraft spreads error, confusion, fear, and are places people's soul's in danger. THAT, is truly the devil's work.
We will be in prayer for your conversion to the One True Triune God through Jesus Christ and to come into the One True Church with the fullness of God's grace and revelation -- the Catholic Church.
We will also pray for your clients who will be damaged by your ungodly worldview.

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