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sexual spirits QUESTION from Karalyn on January 16, 2003 Several years ago I felt a presence in my room and I saw a light that resembled and eye. There was NO WAY there was any light coming in to shine in our bath across the hall. While looking at this I asked my husband if he seen it to he did. Then I felt a heaviness come on top of me.. covering my whole body. Then I felt it travel down my body while feeling as if I had been violated or raped. I said in the name of Jesus I rebuke Satan and it left immediatly, after this I began to have affairs.
Do you know if this spirit Incubus could have been the one that attacked me? I have only just learned of this demon.. and now I wonder if it isnt still present in my life and if so who do I see and how do I permanently get rid of it.
I have been through therapists and deep depressions constantly since this has happened and never put them together until I was reading the book The Bondage Breakers and looked up those two spirits mentioned in the book. Please give me any information you may have on this subject as well as how to not open myself up to any others like it or them again.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 23, 2003 Dear Karalyn:
I am sorry that you are having these problems.
There are sexual demons and what you describe sounds like that may have been the case with your experience.
Since you report repeated depressions and traditional counseling that does not appear to help, and reporting sexual activity that you do not wish to do, I would advise that you go to the Help section linked below. Try the Self-Help methods described on that link and if that does not help, then fill out the Request for Help form for a personal consultation. We may be able to help, but no guarantees.
God Bless and we are praying for you.

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