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Padre Pio/the devil QUESTION from Aurora on January 3, 2003 I have read that Padre Pio was beaten up by the devil... he had said that one should be grateful for the devil if he is making noise (on the outside of the soul) and you are aware of this. This means that the devil has not entered in the soul. Can you explain more of this to me? thanks
ANSWER by Mr. Joe Meineke on January 10, 2003 Dear Aurora,
Thank you for your question.
Without seeing the passage that you are talking about, and not knowing the context, it will be difficult for me to comment on what you have written. It sounds similar to something that I recall reading in a book on St. Pio.
The version that I recall dealt with the external signs of the demonic being significant in the sense that they can be indicative of one's status of being an enemy of Satan. In other words, if you are Satan's enemy, these external signs, thought rare, can indicate that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Some people in the deliverance ministry, and some front-line Spiritual Warriors, also experience these types of phenomenon as a direct result of their war against God's enemies. It is important here to keep in mind that 1) these types of external infestation events are rare and 2) they only happen when God permits it for some greater good. In addition, God ALWAYS gives the person the necessary graces to be able to handle what is happening.
The other fit to your question that comes to mind is a story from - I believe - one of Father Amorth's books. In this account, a former victim of demonic possession (he had been freed through exorcism) was awakened one night from his sleep to the returning demons words, we're back. The individual asked, On the outside or inside? to which the demon responded, Outside. The person said, Good and then rolled over and went back to sleep. In this account, the person knew that he was only being harassed and was not in danger of re-possession. Apparently, the demon left him in peace, and that was the end of the story.
I hope this helped.
God bless you,
Joe Meineke Assistant to Bro. Ignatius

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