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If demons can't read minds, how do know our weaknesses QUESTION from Faith on December 24, 2002 I sincerely thank you for your compassionate response to my question regarding psychics and their potential dangers. You confirmed that the devil likes to play on our weaknesses, as he knows them. However, in a recent reply to someone's question about demons reading our minds, you stated that demons cannot read our thoughts. How then, do these entities know our weaknesses, our fears and our hot buttons?
My protestant sister told me never to pray out loud because the devil can hear you and interfere. However, I am talking here about our innermost fears and vulnerabilities, which you have said demons love to play upon. That psychic I talked to spoke of a few of these without me even mentioning them. How did the demon masquerading as her spirit guide (if that's what it really was) know these things unless it knows my thoughts? I thought only God and the Holy Spirit knows my heart? Please clear this up for us, as I am sure many others may have seen the apparent contradiction in the replies to my post about psychics and the one abour demons reading our thoughts.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 27, 2002 Dear Faith:
Demons can know your weaknesses in the same way that I can know your weaknesses -- by getting to know you and observing you.
The demons watch what we do and are very smart. They in some ways can know us better than we know ourselves since we may psychological deny certain traits in ourselves. The demons see those traits because we act on them.
So the answer is -- because they watch what we do and how we act.
As for praying outloud, I believe that God protects that communication. This is private communication between God and us.
How a psychic can know things about your without asking you is by guessing, watching your body language, or receive the information from demons who do know your hidden desires and longings. Demons CANNOT read your heart, but they can infer things by watching you. We are all under 24 hours survelliance by Angels and by Demons. You will be surprised how much you reveal about your inner thoughts and desires through your actions and words.
But be not afraid. You have a guardian angel and you have the sacraments and the love of God to protect you.

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