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auras QUESTION from Heather Roberts on December 21, 2002 Before I became a Christian, about 10-11 years ago, I saw something at the foot of my bed and then over my head just after shutting the lights off to sleep. I pulled the covers over my head and tried very hard to sleep. I have never forgotten about it. It was blue and cloudy looking. I lived a very sinful life at the time (living with my boyfriend, occult, drugs, etc)
But now I am a practicing Catholic. I have seen and lived that dark side and NEVER want to go back. I have had numerous mystical experiences in my prayer life. And I have also been attacked by evil. My feeling is he is fighting to win me back. I wear the brown scapular, pray the rosary regularly, have a few St. Benedict medals, and keep Holy Water and Crosses all around me.
I guess my question is this, I am not interested at all in the occult. But I do want to know what happened that night. I had always heard that the house was haunted but I NEVER took it seriously until that night. And when I told my boyfriend, at the time, what happened, he asked was it blue and cloudy? before I told him what I had seen. I have never researched this kind of stuff due to fear of crossing a line in my faith. I just want to know more, because I STILL think I see things and find myself 34 years old an afraid of the dark. This may sound totally crazy, but, I think that I do have the ability to see more but I am preventing myself from it out of fear and offendng God. Can youplease help me? I am hoping that it may make sense of a life time, even as a very small child, of unusual and supernatural experiences, be it good or evil.
Thanks fo your time and God Bless, Heather
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 27, 2002 Dear Heather:
As the old saying goes, Curiosity killed the cat. It does not matter what that was back then and it may even be harmful to be determined to find out. It is in the past, let it be in the past.
At best it was a dream, at worst it may have been a demonic entity. Whatever it was, it is gone now.
Do NOT be afriad. God is not a God of fear. You need to ground yourself thoroughly in the blood of Jesus through the sacraments and living the devotional life before even thinking of trying to explore mystical experiences.
If the experiences are not of God, you may pray a prayer asking God to take the experiences away if they are not of Him. People like us, as counselors may help you if you need.
If you are having mystical experience that come from God, you need to read the book, A Still, Small Voice: A Practical Guide on Reported Revelations by Father Benedict J. Groeschel
This book will give information and advice for people who may experience mystical experiences.
Also, you need to find a spiritual director to help you discern the experiences you have.
We will e praying for you.

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