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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Demonic oppression

by Catherine Frakas 25 Oct 2002

Demonic oppression QUESTION from Faith on December 16, 2002 I am not sure where to start. I have my own issues with demonic oppression. I have dabbled in the occult, but my biggest vice is in talking to psychics. One lady in particular I trusted because she warned me ahead of time that my beloved paternal grandmother (like a mother to me) was very ill and ready to pass. She urged me to see her. However, she counseled me on other things that gave me false hope. She also made me uncomfortable when she said my mother got cancer because she basically deserved it for various reasons.
Recently, even though I have been trying to stop talking to her, I broke down. This was the first time in two years she mentioned anything about having a spirit guide or angel named Doreen who gave her information. This made me immediately uncomfortable and I have decided this is more serious than I thought.
This Doreen character told this psychic something that basically played into my fears about a situation. Isn't this how the devil operates? He knows our weaknesses and hot buttons?
I have thrown everything in my house away associated with candle-burning, santeria, cards, you name it. I have confessed my shameful activities to the Lord and asked for forgiveness. I want to know if you are thinking the same thing I am, that this spirit guide is actually a demon feeding crap to this psychic.
The confusing thing is that some things this psychic said to me were right on. If it weren't for her, I would never have been able to go see my grandmother before she died. I was able to tell her what she meant to me my whole life. The nurses said she was waiting on me before she went. She died peacefully after that.
However, I got a sinister feeling when this psychic told me not to feel bad for my mother when she developed a recurrence of a cruel form of cancer. She said something about how my mother abandoned me as a child in many ways. While there is an ounce of truth to this, it made me sick she could talk about my mom this way.
She also kept feeding me false hopes about a relationship I had going at the time, which never panned out. She kept me hooked because her advice allowed me to see my grandmother. I didn't even know she was that sick until I talked to this psychic, who implored me to visit her because she wanted to see me before she passed away. Which was true.
Do you think this psychic's spirit guide is a demon? If so, I have come into contact with something very bad. I am sorry for it and have been praying fervently ever since. But, I have commanded all evil spirits to leave me alone, which you said not to do! What is the correct procedure?
I am so ashamed but please your advice would be appreciated!
Sincerely, Faith
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 23, 2002 Dear Faith:
At best this psychic is a con artist. Con artists can be VERY and AMAZINGLY accurate, or seem to be. It is an art of reading body language, voice, leading questions, etc.
At worse this psychic is dealing with demonic powers. If the psychic has a spirit guide that is not her imagination, then that spirit guide is a demon.
God condemns all forms of divination (Deut 18). Christians have no business even casually involving themselves in this stuff -- tarot card, ouija boards, palm reading, psychic readings, astrology, etc., etc.
To play with these things is dangerous and does leave one open to diabolical harassment and even oppression.
The devil certainly does know our weaknesses and and vulnerbilities and he can play those weaknesses against us like a fiddle if we are not careful.
The Bible tells us to be ALWAYS on guard for the devil and to be aware of his schemes and to resist him.
As for the incident with your grandmother, this is a classic demonic strategy. Although you were not aware of your grandmothers situation, the devil certainly knew. Thus the devil used that against you to impress you and perhaps get you in bondage through these psychic readings. It was bait.
You certainly have come into contact with something bad and dangerous.
FIRST, be sure destroy all occultic literature or other items that you possess and NEVER visit this psychic or any other psychic ever again or involve yourselve in any occultic activities or literature ever again.
THEN, if you are Catholic you need to confess this involvement in the Sacrament of Confession. If not Catholic, confess it to God according to the tradition of your faith.
THEN, pray the prayers of renouncement and taking back ground from Satan that are listed in the Spiritual Warfare Catalog linked below.
THEN, live a good and devotional Christian life by attending Church each week, reading the Bible, reading devotional material, practicing your faith daily, if Catholic then participate in the Sacraments regularly, go before the Blessed Sacrament in adotation at least once per week.
In otherwords, live as a good devouted Christian.
IN ADDITION, you need to pray prayers to ask God to cast away from you any demonic entities and influences that may be around you and your household.
IF you find yourselve compelled to visit psychics, then you certainly need to pray prayers for yourself to cast away any demonic presence.
BTW, we can pray prayers to cast away demons, but we should not DIRECTLY command them. Rather ask God to command them.
For example, instead of saying, I command you demon to leave say instead, Father in Heaven please command this demon to leave.
You will find examples of these sorts of prayers in the Catalog below. Adapt them as you need for your situation.
We will be praying for you.

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