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Spiritual Warfare Forum: signs of demonic presence exhibited by parent

by Catherine Frakas 27 Oct 2002

signs of demonic presence exhibited by parent QUESTION from Stephen Damian on December 11, 2002 I will try to be brief in describing this situation, to give you an idea of what is/has been going on. First, I am a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, with a degree is Theology and Philosophy, and I have studied the various areas of spiritual warfare rather in depth since before I began my studies in 1994. I am now the respect life coordinator for a Catholic Diocese. I am married, and I have 2 children (to begin with God willing!). And so, although I am pretty sure what is going on with what I will describe, and although I have asked good priests about it, I am still left rather in the dark, and would very much welcome another opinion. Again, I will be brief.
We moved into a house when I was 1 year old. A few years later, I would say I was about 5 or 6, my brother 3 or 4, very odd and frightening events began to occur. Lamps and other objects moving my themselves in very odd ways, footsteps when no one is around, a general feeling of heaviness, to na! me a few things.
When I was about 16 we moved to a new house--well, not new, it was built in 1790, but new for us. This house had no feeling of darkness or heaviness about it. Nevertheless, around the time my mother surprised us all, including my Dad, that she wanted a divorce and hasn't loved him for 20 years (they were married 21)more odd events began occuring.
Something would sit in these chairs we had that had rush seats. They would only make that crunching sound if someone sat in them. This something even came when asked for. It would set off our alarm system (it was checked and found not faulty, and further, weasked whatever it is to stop, and it did). The bath tub filled up by itself when we were out. Footsteps were heard running up and down the stairs. And finally, I heard a voice that sounded like my Mom's, but oddly far away, calling my name. I asked my Dad about this, and he said he had been hearing the same voice calling him. And once it asked me to com! e upstairs. Thinking it was Mom, I did. She was not there, but my brother was at home this time, in his room on the other side of the house, and he said Mom was not at home (she had gone shopping) but he had heard the voice as well. After my Dad left a strange, musty odor suddenly appeared in my Mother's bedroom. My mother is a neat freak, and would have instantly found and corrected this problem. She never mentioned it or did anything about it (maybe she never smelled it?). It suddenly disappeared as soon as it had come.
After the house was sold my mother went to live at her parents house. I must add my Grandparents and the most of the rest of my family have always been good, orthodox Catholics. Despite this, the uspstairs of my Grandparent's house has scared me since I was young. I found out my brother and father also did not like it up there. At one point, after the divorce, I heard heavy footsteps upstairs at their house during a family get together. i though it ! was my cousin I aws looking for. I went to go upstairs immediately, only to find it pitch black and my cousin, and everyone else, downstairs (where I was as well).
My Dad has since been recieved back into the Catholic Church, and I have joined, obviously, as well (1993). My parents were Catholic but left after they were married about a year or 2. My brother and I were Baptised in the lutheran denomination, but validly so. Most of the things that occured while I was growing up happened to my Dad and I, a little to my brother, and my mother witnessed and felt next to nothing.
At this point, I have not experienced any of these things, not for some time. My mother is very odd now, and very lost, and she is very averse to anything Catholic especially, but also anything Christian. I mean, she is very uncomfortable around anything sacred, though she does not let on about it in words or anything. It seems to be obvious in spite of herself.
My children have quite negative re! actions towards her, which worry my Dad (a Dr. of family and child psychology), both because children so young (10 months, and 3 years) are never wrong about their intuitions in his 20 + years experience, and because of my mother's, well, oddness in behaviour and spirituality. It worries me as well.
She wil be coming to visit for Christmas ( I will be around the hwole time, on vacation). We did not want her to come, but we somehow crossed our communicaitons (my wife and I) and my wife ended up inviting her. not that I don't want to see her, but I am very worried.
I have also felt, for some time, an odd revulsion, like I just do not want to be near her--something, I don't know what, really bothers me, iot is almost like something else does not want me around. it is all very bizzare.
I apologize if this is a bit rambling. I would appreciate any insights you may have. I should also add that, as far as I know, she has not (until the last 2 or 3 years) ever been invloved! in anything in anyway occult that I know of. Her spirituality now is strange, and she went to some sort of energy/healing retreat, which I tried to warn her about, to no avail. But as I said, what I describe here began a long time ago, and has been around since.
Thank you for anything you could do to enlighten me! I am a bit baffled. In Christ through Mary,
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 23, 2002 Dear Stephen:
I am sorry you are experiencing these things.
From your description it would appear that diabolical influence has infected your family -- possibly through your mother. The symptoms you describe of your mother and other people's reactions to her also suggest a possible demonization.
Be not afraid. God has given us tools and weapons to use to counter these sorts of things. Such as....
... I would ask your father to step in as head of the family and pray for the healing of your mother, pray to renounce ancestral sins, pray hedge prayers around the fmaily.
You as the head of your immediate family should do the same. These prayers can be found in the Prayer Catelog linked below.
For your mother's visit I would pray specific hedge prayers of protection around your household and family and a hedge prayer around your mother that she not receive any satisfaction in her life until she comes home to Christ and His Church.
Pray that any demonic influences or entities that may be attached to your mother be prevented from effecting anyone in your household or attaching themselves to your family and household.
And when she leaves I would suggest a House Blessing and again prayer to ask God to cast out any demonic presence that may have remained behind.
This should take care of any problems. If not, get in contact with us.
We will be in continual prayer for your mother and for your family.

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