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Priests and Demons QUESTION from Andrew on November 27, 2002 When I was young I read an article which stated that Satan visits a priest in his room every night. I forget where I read this but the image has vividly stayed in my mind ever since.
To what extent is this statement true ? At the time I had the image of a physical appearence and a conversation taking place. But now, especially considering the headlines concerning priests, I imagine it to be more of a temptation, or an expression of doubt concerning their calling etc.
ANSWER by Mr. Joe Meineke on December 3, 2002 Dear Andrew,
There is truth to that statement, although we cannot know an exact frequency. By all means, Satan loves to see priests fail and does everything within his power to cause this to happen. There is no doubt in my mind that they are visited on a regular basis in an attempt to achieve this end, be it once a week, once a day or one thousand times a day - or whatever God allows. I said it recently in one other post and I will say it here again because it is important enough to repeat: Please remember to pray for our priests.
And yes, you are correct; these visitations are not physical appearances and conversations. Physical manifestations of Satan or demons are extremely rare but they can and do occur. The vast majority of visitations, however, are in the form of diabolical temptations, thoughts and images.
God bless you,
Joe Meineke Assistant to Bro. Ignatius

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