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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Can ghosts predict the future?

by Catherine Frakas 06 Nov 2002

Can ghosts predict the future? QUESTION from Danielle on November 23, 2002 Dear Bro. Ignatius,
This Halloween my friends came over for a girl's night as we usually do every couple of weeks. They thought it would be fun to watch some scary movies. By about 9 that night, my friend Christina said she brought a ouija board, and went to her car to get it. I was skeptical to try it at first, and today I wonder what I was thinking.
We fooled around with it for a little while asking questions like, Where will I meet my next boyfriend? and Are so-and-so destined to be together? not expecting any kind of prophetic answer. We then went about asking about ghosts: Is there a ghost in this room? The little triangle thing move to yes and of course I knew it was one of the girls moving it. When asked it's name, the piece spelled out the name Noneda. I was confused, but the girls and I kept playing around. We asked it to predict somethings and it said the following: 1) Danny will crash 2) Michelle will fall and 3) Michelle will die. I was a little worried, but! thought that it was just one of the girls. When it was time to go, they all went home and left me with cleaning my apartment.
Christina left her game so being afraid of it, I cleaned that first and stuck it under the couch. That's when strange things started happening. My neighborhood was usually a quiet one, but that night I heard some yelling outside like a girl's voice. I also heard a dog barking, but there wasn't usually a dog in this neighborhood. I shrugged it off to the girl trying to find her dog and tried to sleep as best I could.
The next morning I woke up to find the ouija board box on my coffee table with the pointer out. I put it back in the box and closed it and called my friend for her to pick it up. She said she'd come by in the afternoon, so I decided I'd take a shower before going to class. When I got out of the shower, the pointer was out again sitting on top of the box over the word yes. When I picked up the pointer, I heard the girl scream from the night before. The piece dropped from my hand as if it was pulled down and landed back on the yes. At that point I became very scared and decided to get dressed and go to school.
I research the name Noneda at school, but just came up with some Spanish word I didn't understand. I got a ride home with Christina, who was picking up her game, and I told her what happened. She didn't believe me because when we got inside, the box was under the couch where I had left it the night before. I guess she jokingly told me that demons speak in reverse, like in The Exorcist and so I stuck in the name Adenon and came up with a name meaning having visions and foresight. I was scared then, that this demon or ghost predicted what was going to happen to me and my friends.
The following Monday, I crashed into a totaly stranger at school. Just last week my friend Michelle tripped on her way out of the elevator in my apartment building. Now I'm scared of what will happen next. Can ghosts or demons really predict the future? I don't want my friend to die, but I'm still quite skeptical about this entire ordeal. Please tell me what I can do, and what we should be thinking at this time. I'm scared right now.
ANSWER by Mr. Joe Meineke on November 30, 2002 Dear Danielle,
We will pray for you and for your friends.
The first thing that you (and your friends, if possible) need to do is repent. What you and they did is called divination. It is a sin that earns the seldom used title abomination in scripture. If you are Catholic, then I urge you to go to confession. The Ouija board, despite appearances, is not a game (see the essay, Demonic Deceptions for more information on this subject).
As for your question, Can ghosts or demons really predict the future? No, in and of themselves they cannot. God alone knows the future, although it is true that in rare instances He chooses to reveal the future to His creatures - even demons if it serves His good purposes.
In your case, however, the demon that you contacted told you what he may attempt to orchestrate. In other words, what appears to be a prediction is perhaps actually a foretelling of what he hopes to achieve at some point in the future. It can also be to induce unhealthy fear of the demonic, leading one to believe that demons can do whatever they want and that they, not God, are in control. This is, of course, not true. In any case, to regain whatever ground was lost to the demon through the sinful act, the order of the day is repentance. Also, you should visit the spiritual warfare prayers catalogue. There are several prayers in there that you should pay attention to, such as:
1. Prayer Of Confession And Taking Back Ground From Satan 2. Prayer After Confession To Re-Claim Ground Taken By Satan 3. Renunciation Of Satan and Claiming the Full Victory 4. Hedge Prayer for Protection of Household 5. Hedge Prayer for Protection of Self 6. Hedge Prayer for Protection of Others
As for the incidents you described oftentimes demons do not have to do anything, we do it to ourselves. It is most likely that the incidents you experienced were self-fulfilling prophesies. That means that the idea of something happened was planted in your mind and then your subsconscious finds a way to make that planted idea happen.
We also cannot dismiss coincidence. Strange things CAN be coincidence. As we learn in Science 101, corelation does NOT equal causation.
As for any diabolical cause if you repent, confess your sin of divination, take back the ground you gave to satan, then any effect should be disapated.
God bless you,
Joe Meineke Assistant to Bro. Ignatius

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