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Tomfoolery at the Church QUESTION from John on November 12, 2002 Coming out of morning Mass this week, and somewhat sleepy, I saw some white material in the Holy Water font. I wasn't thinking much, supposed that some young child had left a tissue there, and blessed myself. The fellow in back of me picked a bit of it out, and found that someone had left an eggshell there! He toook the small, removable basin to the pastor and I believe it was simply poured out in the garden outside.
Odds are it was just some youngster eating a hard boiled egg and too lazy to go find a trash can. However, in your experience, have you ever heard of eggs or egg shells used in casting spells or curses? Could someone have been trying to perform some spiritual sabotage? If so, have I just laid a curse on myself?
I'm pretty devout, orthodox, and stay away from the occult. I haven't experienced any troubles and don't consider myself to be in any particular risk. If I have laid something on myself, I'm certainly not experiencing any symptoms.
Thanks and God bless your work.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 15, 2002 Dear John:
No, you have not cursed yourself in any way.
Your first impression is probably the the case about some kids. But, even if someone was attempting to curse the water, the blessings of God out-rank and are more powerful than any curse.
It was appropriate to change the water, but anyone who blessed themselves with the water before it was changed is not in any danger of a curse.
God Bless

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