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demons attached to the will QUESTION from Mary on October 27, 2002 I have recently come across a term referring to demons that attch themselves to a person's will. Have you heard of this before and what information do you have about this subject?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 29, 2002 Dear Mrs. Mary:
I would have to see the source where you find this term to be able to adequately respond.
But from my understanding demons may possess a person, or may have varying degree of bondage on a person, or may have varying abilities to influence a person, but to attach to the will I do not think is possible.
But I really need to see the original source where you read this to see what the author may be taking about.
You can send that info to us at: porter@saint-mike.org
God Bless.

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