Spiritual Warfare Forum: Introducing Brother Bubba's Q & A Show

Introducing Brother Bubba's Q & A Show
ANNOUNCEMENT by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 9, 2002 Dear Folks:
We are thinking about producing a Radio show style program to answer some of our Q & A's. This would be done on Real Audio and available on the Website for you to listen to.
No all the Q & A's that come in will be chosen for the Webcast version and many of the Q & A's will probably come from the answers I give on the Allexperts.com site. That way many of the answers from that site will be available to you here.
The name of the show I think will be: The Brother Bubba Q&A; Show
Anyway, before beginning this project, I wanted to get some feedback.
Is a Webcast version of our Catholic Q&A; using Real Audio something that you would like to see?
Please email your feedback to qamaster@saint-mike.org
Thanks Bro. Ignatius
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