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Spiritual Warfare Forum: It pains me to see this

by Catherine Frakas 09 Jan 2001

It pains me to see this QUESTION from Alder on August 23, 2002 I do not know who you are. I stumbled upon this site by accident, but after reading some of this, my hands are shaking and I am crying. There is so much hate here. I am not pagan, although I will convert soon. I was baptized a Catholic but that religion has done me no good. I have read on this site how some people love God in a heavenly way. Is it so hard to believe that I love the Mother in such a way? I have a lot of respect for other religions so please do not take this the wrong way. How do you know what God thinks or wants? What does God whisper in your ear that he never whispered in mine? I have many friends that are pagans and some of them I trust more then anyone else. There are some people who do not understand paganism and who say they are pagan but actually practice Satanism. Satanism is not Paganism, it is just a reversed form of Catholocism. Why do you speak in such a way? It pains me to see this adn that is why I am writing to you. Not because I am a part of darkness and you of light. I feel sorry for all of those who feel such hate. Love is the only true good and hate the only true evil. I know many priests who agree with me on this as well as many more strict Catholics. If this is true then how can you be saying such hateful things and be good? Would you not instead, be evil? I am not one to judge you and I did not mean to if that is what is seemed. I am just making a point and it is your choice to see the reason in it or to not see. That is why I have written this. Perhaps in the future I can come back here and see less hate and more love.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 30, 2002 Dear Mrs. Alder:
There is no hate here. I love you and the Church loves you. But when people do not want to hear the truth, they usually accuse the truth-teller of hatred. This is a typical obfuscation.
The truth is that you are abandoning God if you convert to paganism. You say the Church has done nothing for you. That is a lie. Jesus and the Church has done everything for you, but neither God nor the Church will force you to live a Christian life.
You ask how do we know about what God wants of us? Jesus asked himself the same question and to answer it he gave us the Church.
If we rely upon our feelings and opinions we WILL be lead astray. Christ gave us the Church to protect the teachings of Christ from manipulation and error and to protect our faith.
I will not respond to the other devilish things you have to say as you stand in judgement of me. I will only pray that you will be delivered from the bondage with the devil that you are obvious in and be freed to love Christ with a true love.
Love comes from God and God alone through Christ. Anything outside of the worship of the True God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is not true love, but a false love of human origin. From what you have written you have no idea what love is. You can't because your source of love is not coming from an understanding and faith in the True God. Jesus said, If you love me you WILL follow my teachings. You have abandoned the teachings of Jesus if you are becoming a pagan. That means you do not love Jesus which means you do not love God no matter how much you might say that you do.
These things are the TRUTH and are said in LOVE. There is no hate anywhere in anything I have said. If you think I am hating it is an hallucination of your mind, but it is not in reality.
I will pray that you will return to God and not lose your soul.

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