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spiritual warfare QUESTION from jan wilson on August 4, 2002 I have three sons and two daughters.All of them, save the oldest girl, have been in and out of trouble for the past ten years or so.Two weeks ago, my youngest girl overdosed on alcohol and drugs.Luckily she was found in time and saved.The boys have been in and out of jail almost constantly.Through all this, I have never lost my faith in God and several times, He has literally saved my children from almost certain death.Car accidents, overdose, assaults etc..Each time, He has saved thier lives.I believe He has a purpose for them.Is it possible that my faith and belief helps to protect them ,through Jesus.I know that Satan has tried to take thier lives but is never allowed to.Could we have a generational curse on us?They are believers in God but continue to sin.Why would God so generously intervene so many times to save them?I'm not complaining, just curious.I am very grateful to Him.Thanks.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 13, 2002 Dear Mrs. Wilson:
Praise God that He has kept them from serious injury or death. It sounds like their Guardian Angels are working overtime.
Yes, your prayers help to keep them safe. As their mother you have great spiritual power in prayer on their behalf.
As for a generational curse, if you feel that is a posibility, there are some prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Catalog that are designed especially for that issue. The link is below.
Keep up the prayers for your children. God hears your cries and he love you and them.

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