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Spiritual Warfare Forum: A Dream

by Catherine Frakas 25 Jan 2001

A Dream QUESTION from Mish on June 16, 2002 Hello. I am curious about a dream that I had not too long ago. It was so real I can remember it as if I had it yesterday.
I read the book Hell Plus How to Avoid It and in there is says that God sometimes allows maifestations of the damned. I'm wondering if those manifistations can come in the form of a dream.
Background-- My Aunt was a devout Pentecostal lady. She was very God fearing, no cursing, drinking was allowed in her presence. If someone said a curse word, she would have a fit and make them leave. The same is true for someone who may have brough a beer to her house. She died in 1999.
A few months ago, I had a dream about her. She was driving a car with her youngest daughter in the front seat and her next to youngest in the backseat along with myself. She turned around and looked at me, and her eyes were blank and grey like death and her skin was a pale grey. She was driving close to the edge of a cliff very fast. I pleaded with her to be careful to no avail. She drove off the cliff with her two daughters in the car with her. I somehow got out and was standing on the edge of cliff watching the car plumet. The two daughters that were with her are the one's that she has brought into the pentecostal church.
I am a devout Catholic, and my little sister is in the conversion process. This sister of mine had a dream just like mine about the Aunt and the two cousins, although the minor geographical details were different, the major points were the same.. ie: the individual's involved (herself in place of me) and the way my aunt looked, etc...
At first I passed my dream off as possibly nothing, but once I discovered that my sister had the same dream, I'm wondering if there isn't something to it.
What do you think?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2002 Dear Miss Mish:
Dreams are tricky things and it is dangerous to take too much stock in interpreting them. It is even more dangerous for me to interpret them since to properly do so I would have to get to know you.
The only thought that comes to my mind is that the dream may be one that comes from your subconsious relating to what you may feel is a fear about the two cousins being lead into a religious fellowship that is not the True Church.
Even though the Pentecostal denomination is not the True Church of Jesus Christ, they still believe in Jesus and try to live a Christian life. Your cousins at this moment are probably in invincible ignorance concerning the true validity of the Catholic Church. As such, God will judge them according to the sincerity of their heart to follow God, and according to the truth that they do know. Thus they too may find heaven even though not part of Christ's True Church... the same for your Aunt.

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