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medjugorje QUESTION from Gary on June 14, 2002 Brother
Thank you indeed for taking my question.
I was recently given a miraculous picture, taken at Medugorje, a close up of the face of what appears to be Our Lady. I did not have the heart to decline the well intentioned gift, but I am rather uneasy about its presence in my house. Medjugorje, as two consecutive bishops have made clear, is not from Heaven, of course. I would wonder, then, as to what possible harm could come of this picture. My question: 1) Am I just being superstitious in my concerns?
2) If not, how should I do? Destroy the picture -- if so, in what manner (I would hate to inadvertantly commit a sacriledge?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2002 Dear Gary:
You are correct about Medjugorje.
The pictures are most likely optical illusions. If you feel uncomfortable about the pictures, then I would go ahead and throw them away.

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