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divine mercy prayer QUESTION from Loretta on April 29, 2002 Dear Brother,
I recently sent a question regarding the divine mercy chaplet. I consulted a priest as a spiritual advisor (after having a nervous breakdown that revolved around spiritual issues).
Because I had been praying too much and obviously had lost perspective, he advised me to stop saying the divine mercy prayer, and any excess other prayers, and simply to say Jesus, I trust in You at 3:00 instead. How long must I do this? I feel that at the time it was appropriate advice, but if it indefinitely remains this way, won't the devil have won a small battle?
I have come under strong spiritual attack as a result of taking up this devotion and disseminating it. Will the attack continue if I persist? I am afraid to disobey the directive, as I know obedience matters, and also just to preserve my peace of mind. But I feel that God has allowed me to understand, through these trials, that I have gained experience and will not be so easily fooled as I have in the past. Any comments/further spiritual direction? Thanks. Loretta
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Loretta:
I think I forgot to mention on your other question that you should find a spiritual director. It becomes especially important because of your situation.
Your spiritual director has the opportunity to know you personally and directly. Thus he is in better position to advise you than I am.
Generally, I agree with your spiritual director that if you were involved in prayer to the point of excess and loss of perspective that you should practice a limited prayer discipline. His advise sounds proper to me.
As for how long this prayer discipline is to go, that is up to your spiritual director. He can assess your progress and whether you are ready to return to other devotions. I would say that you need to stay on the limited prayer discipline as long as the danger of excess is present.
I would not worry about disseminating the Divine Mercy devotion at this time. I think you need to work on stabilizing your spiritual health and to become stronger in the faith and in the spirit. Your spiritual director should be able to help you on that score.
Bottom line, since your spiritual director can know you personally I would advise keeping in touch with him on the regular basis and follow his advice.

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