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Dream QUESTION from Colleen on April 20, 2002 Hello Br. Ignatius,
Thank you for answering my last posts.
I would also like to share a dream I had if that is alright. I have had two dreams about Jesus. In this dream I was in this very large room, what would look like as auditorium. Jesus was there and seemed to be the guest of honor. He was getting ready to go away...not sure where or why. Many people were in line to greet Him and I imagine give their goodbye. This was apparently what I was doing. When it came my time I went up to Him and as we greeted I asked Him: can I give you a hug? As we embraced He wispered in my ear: I left you a gift, did you find it? I had not yet and although surprised, in my dream I seemed to know just where to go and look. I ended up at this 'place' which appeared to be a building something like a bank with safe deposit boxes. I had my box and was opening it. Inside was a beautiful rose and a pine cone. In my dream I was in awe as I knew what it meant. I remember thinking: He thought of everything...He knew exactly what to give me...the fullness of life...completeness...beginning and the end. In my dream this is the meaning it held. when I later awoke I recalled the dream and when I thought about it I was uncsure of what it could have meant. A pinecone...a rose???
How did I come to place that meaning on it. Anyway, about a week later the dream so touched me that all I could do was cry everytime I thought about it. Not because I figured out the meaning but because all I could think of was with the thousands of people in the room Jesus spoke this to me in such a personal way...with meeting all those people and believe me there were many in that place, thousands upon thousands He knew there was a special gift left especially for me. I was so touched. I felt so special. I would like to think it was a special gift to me in my dream and want to remember it this was but I don't want to read too much into something. Maybe it was just a good 'pizza dream.' Any thoughts?
Thank you for your time in reading and answering again. Colleen
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Colleen:
Dreams like this define themselves. Your impression of the meaning is the meaning. The rose is a gift of love. The pinecone the gift of eternal life.
Your dream is a wonderful message from our Lord. I know you will treasure it.

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