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Malachi Martin Again QUESTION from Larry on April 9, 2002 1Hi, I've noticed on this discussion forum that whenever Malachi Martin is mentioned he's usually called a hack or a con artist. I knew Martin slightly and found him to be a kind and helpful man, though I do have questions about him and his priestly status. And of course there have been many rumors about his personal life lately.
I notice that there is supposed to be an expose of Martin that you are working on but I wonder if you have finished it, and if so, where it is on the Internet? I still like Martin but am open minded and want to know the truth about him.
Thanks, Larry
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 20, 2002 Dear Mr. Larry:
Mr. Martin's priestly status is that he was laicized in 1965. That means that although a priest always a priest that he was removed from clergy status and returned to lay status.
This means that he cannot legally function as a priest in duty, powers, or sacraments except in an emergency.
Some say that the Pope Paul VI gave him special permission to say Mass and such, but there is no proof to this and the Pope granting such dispensation has NEVER happened in the history of the Church to my knowledge and I hardly think that a former low-level clerk at the Vatican has such importance to be granted such an unusual and unheard of favor.
I still have the Martin project in my to do pile, but have given it low priority since Mr. Martin is now dead. But his followers are still there and so I will get to the project eventually.

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