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Demonizing music QUESTION from Giovanna on December 28, 2001 Father,
I am well aware that much music today and especially from the 60's onward have elements that adversely influence our youth.. much of it is heavy metal, rock and roll, and some alternative music. Much has been written on this, and the fact that groups like the Rolling Stones openly admit that they worship Satan through the music they create is alarming.
My question is, what could I tell a person who is a devout Catholic about this music being kept in their home? A friend of mine who says rosary daily and goes to mass several times a week loves music of all types, but did not realize that some of this music can be demonizing. This person is trying to remain open to the gifts of the Holy spirit, and says that he does not feel the Holy spirit is working fully in his life. Could it be possible that this music is blocking the gifts of the Holy spirit? I have told him to get rid of the music, and he says he will, but I wanted your input on this. Thank you and God Bless.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on March 27, 2002 Dear Giovanna:
Hi, thanks for the promotion, but I am just a brother.
Yes, it is possible that the improper music is holding him back in having the Holy Spirit in his life as fully as he could.
In some cases, this music as actually been offered to Satan before it is sold to the public. In other cases, demons may attach themselves to the music because of the nature of the music. In yet other cases the music may have a negative effect psyiologically.
Studies have shown that even some Classical music can effect health or disease.
Music is a powerful force. Music and sex are even more powerful yet -- which is why music and sex are so interlocked.
I would advise that this person unattach himself to this music that is improper (whatever it may be) and attach himself to the Holy Spirit instead. Afterall, which is more important -- the music or God?

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