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Spiritual Warfare Forum: FBI Chaplin? Against the Forces of the Occultist?

by Catherine Frakas 17 Jul 2002

FBI Chaplin? Against the Forces of the Occultist? QUESTION from Gregory Thompson on mber 24, 2001 Would it be wise for a priest to become a FBI chaplin that delt with occult crime investagation?
Would it be better if all catholic crime investagation and law enforcement officers and Exorcists, Spiritual Warfare Priests, join togather from all around the world and create a sort of Order based in the Vatican and formulate a branch of our Chruch that oversees the field of spiritual warfare and then bring togather all the Knightly and Holy Orders from all around the world, Hospitallers and Teutonics and Knights of Columbus Ect., into one division under God, Church, and Saint Michael? This division would be like a net that covers and unifies all the orders devoted to spiritual warfare around the world into one single group officaly under the Pope and the Vatican!!! The Pope would be the offical overseer and commander. The Pope would then direct these Knightly and Holy Orders with his commands. It would kind of be a higher command for all the orders within the boundries of this Vatican Division. Also, all the commanders of these Knightly and Holy orders should come togather and form a council under the Pope and decide what should be done in the future verses the evil occultists that wish to take down (or try to) our Church under the guidence of the Pope!
Thank you for all the information you have provided me in the past. Just recently I because of my faith and patriotism I've lost all my best freinds. Well I guess they were not my friends if they are against my Lord and my Chruch. Well, my friends are those who befriend my Lord and his Church, even though there are barely any here in the bible belt. I will consider you ,brother , my friend. I have not met anyone so devoted to the holy fight of the spirit such as you, brother. (except for this preist I met before you who is 80 years old and has been through a lot of spiritual combat. He is an exorcist.) In the future I will repay the knowledge I gain from you with the holy duties of priesthood, and, in the name of God and Church, I will fight satan will all the power I have in my bones.(I have to make a confession, I'm 18 so I lied about the 19 year old age thing. Sorry.)
Take care good brother, I will pray for you, brother, and for all of those who fight the good fight! We must all pray intensively for those who have fallen from our Lords Grace!
O yeah, those satanist won't stop bothering me. They keep writting me notes and stuff. What should I tell them. Some say they want to get out of satanism, but I can't tell if they are lying to me all the while they are try'n to mess with my mind. Should I act about this after I join the Knights of Columbus, after I join there will probably be a couple of guys in the knighthood who could help me out with this situation. Tell me what you think
Thanks! Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux! Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on March 27, 2002 Dear Mr. Thompson:
Formal Exorcism must be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis locally. A international agency cannot do this efficiently. The Local Bishop is in best position to determine these cases.
As for your involvement in helping people out of satanism, you need to refer those people to someone like the Ohio Spiritual Warfare Center ( who can properly screen these cases. Then someone like myself can deal with the cases once screened.
At 18 you are not old enough to even think about doing this kind of work. This is a area that requires mental, emotional, personal, and spiritual maturity and experience.
God bless.

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