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Baptism and demonic/ancestral links or attacks QUESTION from ADRIAN ESKOR on December 24, 2001 Our son was validly baptised at infancy. He's now about two years old. He's had some health problems- chronic catarrh- which affect his breathing and disturbs his sleep in the night. Recently, he developed a slight deformation in one of his knees. The doctors have dismissed these as mild, normal, which will go away with time. However, a priest who is renowned in spiritual war said that our son has been under some form of attack from demonic and ancestral spirits, and that the ailments are actually physical manifestation of the battle. He recommended some prayers and sacramentals for his deliverance, which we have confidently used.
However, I have intellectual difficulties with this. Baptism is suppose to break all demonic, ancestral and contrary links to the spirit world except we get ourselves linked again through sin and other ways. How does a validly baptised two year old, whose parents (though no where near perfection) are struggling to live the faith get attacked by demons and ancestral spirit.
How does the devil get access to oppress internally?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on March 27, 2002 Dear Mr. Eskor:
I cannot comment on whether the physical problems are a result of an demonic activity unless I was privy to the full details of the case.
However, such physical ailements are NOT likely to be caused by demonization. It is possible, but not likely.
As for ancestral demonization and baptism, oftentimes these days the simple exorcism at baptism is not done. Thus this can be a source of problems.
Second, even if the simple exorcism at baptism is done that exorcism is personal -- that is, it does not refer to generational demons.
Third, even if this exorcism of person took care of any generation demon attachments, this does not mean that the demons are removed from the family line. Thus they can attach themselves at a later date.
But, risking a presumption here about your case, I really doubt your son's medical problems are a result of demonization. (but since I am not familiar with the case, I could be wrong).

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