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sacred circle QUESTION from Debby on November 8, 2001 Dear Brother. I am from a family of mixed religions-My father Catholic,My mother Protestant. Even though we were all babtized Catholic some of my sibling have choose other Christian denominations. Over the past 5yrs or so my youngest sister has been attending a group called the sacred circle. During this time she has pulled away from the Catholic church. Recently she forwarded me an e-mail from her teacher and mentor which described a Soul Quest thru Europe,being visited by a goddess in dreams and why we choose this time to be born. In the past I have expressed concern that this was a new age group,she always assured me that she was Christian and this was a nondenominational group. After receiveing this e-mail I got on the internet and read about the sacred circle.It all sounds very pagon. I know she also enjoys Tarrot cards.
Several years ago my mother attended a meeting with her. Since this e-mail I ask my mother her insight on this group. She said it was just a nice group of loving people talking about how God is working in their lifes and praying much like the Charismatic prayer group I atttend. There lies my problem,being brought up in a home to accept others and respect their religious beliefs I don't know how to help my sister. She traveled with this group to Arizona last summer and Europe this fall in search for old spirits. Her daughter(7th grader) was recently reprimanded at school for bring in a book on Wicca. I am Godmother to her youngest daughter.
How do you help someone who doesn't know they need help? She sees me as being to Catholic and not open-minded enough. My husband is an ordained deacon and we are very faithful to the church. We pray for her but I feel that is not enough and I am being called to do more. Please Help...
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 10, 2002 Dear Mrs. Debby:
Well first of all I will be praying for your sister. What she is involved with is NOT Christian.
As for helping people, there is one GOLDEN RULE: you cannot help a person who does not want to be helped.
You can try to explain to her why wiccan, occult, and new age are all contrary to the Church, and how the Church is the pillar of truth, but if she will not listen, there is little you can do to change her mind directly.
The main plan of action is to pray for her. Some of the prayers in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog will be suited for this cause.
We will be in continued prayer for her, and for you.

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