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Frightening Dream QUESTION from Kelli on October 31, 2001 Hi,
While I am not catholic, but methodist, i would like your advice on my experience.
Two years ago, i turned my life over to the lord and really became involved with God and the church. It was not long after this that I had a very frightening dream while staying at my grandparents house. I fell asleep in the guest bedroom in the basement only to wake up paralyzed lying on my back facing the bedroom door. At the end of my bed was a figure of a man, but i could not make out any distinguishing features, because is was like a black shadow. The only thing he said to me was, and please exuse the one bad word, Get the F*** out of the house. You are not welcome here. It was after he said this that i bolted up in bed with my heart racing, etc. I am not sure if i was dreaming or not, but it took me a long time to fall back asleep that night.
I did mention it to my father the next day, who related to me that he had also been having nightmares in the house ever since my grandfather had had his heartattack. He even mentioned seeing some type of entity at one point.
While I only go to my grandparents a couple of times a year, everytime i feel as though something is watching me, waiting in the dark corners.
I guess my questions is Do you think that this is some sort of demonic force that has decided to somehow take residence within my grandparents home? Could this entity have entered because of my grandfathers illness? Both of my grandparents are extremely religious. I would like your feedback on these incidents and some advice, because i will be visiting the house in late nov for thanksgiving and wish to be prepared spiritually for whatever is there, if anything. Thank you, and God Bless Kelli
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 8, 2002 Dear Miss Kelli:
Sorry that I was not able to answer you before your Novemeber visit.
It is possible that this experience was a demonic visitation. Since you have made specific and decided decisions to give yourself to God it stands to reason that the devil may try to dissuade you.
Since you father is having similar dreams there is a possibilty that some sort of entity is attached to the house. I am not sure how this connects with your grandfather's heart attack, but what you desscribe does offer the possibilities for a demonic phenemena.
I would sugest looking at our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog. There are prayers that you can modify to fit this situation.
If nothing works, and the phenomenon continues, give me a call.

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